Event & Entertainment Trends for 2017

Event & Entertainment Trends for 2017

We’re in the final countdown to the end of 2016. With many of our clients looking forward to events in 2017 we thought we’d share our pearls of wisdom when it comes to the event trends and entertainment trends that we’re expecting to see at the forefront of the event industry in 2017.

Entertainment Trends 2017

Entertainment has always been an integral part of events; whether it’s subtle background music to set the mood, a mix and mingle performer, after dinner speaker, or stage production.  

Of course acts such as party bands and musicians, magicians, circus artists and dance shows remain forever popular. However, new creations surface all the time and the desires of clients change, meaning that each year sees a select few entertainment options rise to the top of the ‘in-demand’ pile. Here are what we predict will be THE entertainment trends in 2017.

1) The new immersive

Previously ‘immersive’ has been seen as a form of entertainment that transports the audience elsewhere, but this hasn’t always meant that the audience need take an active role in the journey. In 2017 we think that immersive technologies and entertainment will be more interactive. Audiences will become participants and be required to engage with their immersive surrounds rather than passively watch as the experience takes place around them.

This could take the form of active VR simulators or sensory experiences with touch, taste and smell playing a huge role (which don’t always have to be high-tech).

Event & Entertainment Trends for 2017

2) Food glorious food

Food and drink have played a huge role in events and themed activations this year. In fact, food options for events have gone way past ordinary catering and ventured into the world of entertainment. We’ve already seen living tables serving drinks and canapés, but food scientists are really pushing the boat out with foodie gadgets and inventions that really have the potential to be the focal point of an event. They also tick the box when it comes to that all-important multi-level sensory experience and marrying up with event themes. We’ve got some great examples in our article 9 Edible Treats You Need At Your Event.


Event & Entertainment Trends for 2017

3) A live music experience

Live music will always be popular at events – the atmosphere it creates really is unparalleled. In 2017 we think that the live music experience will be taken to the next level. Pushing the boundaries of the traditional party band performance, anything goes in 2017 when it comes to mixing music with technology – live streamed videos, 360-degree and VR headsets for the audience.  

4) Personalisation

Not so much a type of entertainment but more a way of entertainment. Much like event experiences, event organisers want their entertainment to be as personal as possible. As such this need for customisation, when it comes to entertainment, will be more important in 2017 than it ever has before. Fortunately we’re experts at creating custom entertainment experiences for events, all you have to do is give us the brief!

Events Trends 2017

When it comes to events themselves there are several different trends we can see emerging… paying close attention to these could make all the difference to ensuring your annual event doesn’t stagnate.

1) Bigger is not always better

Gone are the days when the bigger the event the better it was. Attendees are now less concerned with the wide variety of content available and more concerned with an event’s level of personalised content. Larger events are often seen as being too haphazard and too big to offer a meaningful individual experience. So, when it comes to events attendees want a personalised experience, and as such we’re seeing a rise in popularity of invite only events, smaller exhibitions, and intimate activations.


This also means that for bigger exhibitions and events measuring ROI is becoming increasingly important, and big data is at the centre of this.  

2) The new social

Though social media is a given at events, it’s also making a bad name for itself with attendees paying more attention to their social media feeds than the actual event. Thus, a new type of social media at events is emerging whereby mobile devices are being integrated into the whole experience. This integration includes phones, tablets, etc. being used as controllers for the experience.


We’ve already seen how iPad magicians like Tom London have harnessed mobile devices assimilating them into large-scale performances. You can read more about how he does this here.

3) Integrating leisure activities

We’ve spoken previously about wellness trends at events and this is definitely something that we will see playing a greater role in events in 2017. Event organisers will be using leisure activities to create ‘brain breaks’ and opportunities for casual networking.

4) New uses for tech

Of course technology has become so ingrained within the essence of events that VR, experiential, and live streaming are expected, however in 2017 we will see them deployed in a new way.


Rather than one big experiential attraction, we predict that experiential will be seen throughout an event’s venue set out in innovative break out areas. In this way different experiential areas can be composed to appeal to a different niches and cater to the need for event personalisation.


Its been listed as the next big thing for the best few years, but VR really is starting to make headway at events in terms of versatility and affordability. In fact we predict that next year it will take attendee experiences to the next level, so much so that attendees may not even have to attend the event to experience it. We think that VR will open up to blur the lines of physical location and create a one-to-one experience.


Big data will be more important then ever and it will be gathered and analysed in real time. Whilst live streaming from drones will give physically present and remote attendees a new perspective.

To conclude.

With attendees expectations higher than ever, 2017 is set be an interesting year for events and entertainment. We hope our event trends and entertainment trend predications have inspired you to try something different in the New Year!


When booking your events for 2017, remember that we can cater to not just your entertainment needs but also help you by booking event suppliers including caterers, AV, décor and props! Our experienced events and entertainment coordinators are on hand to ensure that each occasions is utterly unforgettable.


If you’re organising an event in 2017 and want something to make it extra special, you can get in touch to discuss your ideas with us on 01626 57072 – we look forward to making your event a huge success!


__By Alanna Bestwick

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