Entertainment to Encourage Media Coverage at your Sporting Event

Entertainment to Encourage Media Coverage at your Sporting Event

Advertising and marketing experts claim that, if a brand or an event don’t have online presence, they don’t exist. Although striking, this statement has proven quite accurate. Promoting sporting events online is not only essential to connect with fans, but also vital to offer more visibility for sponsors. 

With an increasingly digitalised world, there is no doubt the challenges of generating social media buzz around your sporting event are big. In line with all the media platforms available today, the sports event entertainment you choose is now key to reach the forefront of public attention.

Create Social Media Buzz Around your Sporting Event

Media coverage nowadays is no longer limited to the three classic media: press, radio and TV.  Diversified and more complex than ever, the irruption of new technologies and specifically of social networks has changed the rules of the game - quite literally!


Generating social media buzz around your sporting event is possible with sports event entertainment such as lookalikes. David Beckham (and Victoria) and Lewis Hamilton impersonators are especially in-demand options due to their popularity as sports idols and the media attention their personal lives receive. Their doubles’ uncanny resemblance will sure give people lots to talk about both offline and online. 


Entertainment to Encourage Media Coverage at your Sporting Event

The Beckhams and Lewis Hamilton impersonators are unparallelled attention magnets 


Interactive entertainment activities are also fundamental to get people sharing moments of your event on their social networks. The ultimate attention-grabber, the below Mosaic Wall not only allows people to participate and immortalize their favorite moments but also to share them in a unique and original way. With the mosaic taking shape the more and more pictures are added to the wall, the final photo will display a logo or any other image of your choice! 



Impress the Press with Sports Event Entertainment


Although traditional, TV, radio and newspapers are still an effective way to communicate on a massive scale. Reporters, journalists, and photographers covering events are normally hard to impress because they’ve practically seen it all. Or that’s what they believe. 


The best way to impress the media and get them talking about your event is by offering entertainment experiences that create excitement or that are truly innovative. Stories of overcoming obstacles like the one this Armless Pianist or Breakdancer on Crutches have are truly inspiring and go in line with the values of effort and discipline rooted in the sports culture. 


Entertainment to Encourage Media Coverage at your Sporting Event

Stories of overcoming obstacles are truly inspiring and can get media attention at your sporting event 


Relatively straightforward but truly effective, performers who incorporate elements into their routines such as these Event Sign Acrobats quickly grab the attention of photographers. Unique photo experiences such as Eye Art Photography often become the focal point of events as it’s a very unusual way of getting a gift like you’ve never seen before - literally!


Entertainment to Encourage Media Coverage at your Sporting Event

Eye art images and sign acrobats are entertainment options likely to attract significant media attention 


Make Use of Sports Influencer Marketing

In the era of social networks, it’s inevitable not to link sports influencer marketing with sports event entertainment. In a culture where athletes have nearly reached a cult-status, former sportsmen and women have transformed their experiences into a form of entertainment by delivering talks and conferences that inspire and educate. 


Sports stars such as Ellie SimmondsStef Reid or Justin Jonesy generate great expectation as they share stories that inspire and get people sharing their impressions and personal insights. 


Entertainment to Encourage Media Coverage at your Sporting Event

Paralympian Ellie Simmonds and adventurer Justin Jonesy guarantee media coverage and always generate social media conversations 


With thousands of followers on their Instagram and other social media platforms, athletes and adventurers have become an in-demand type of entertainment for sports events, especially for after dinner experiences and talks. 


Admired by thousands, event goers and sports fans also love having the opportunity to meet real-life heroes, pose for photos and share their experience online!


Whether you choose entertainers, activities or sport celebs to attract media coverage, make sure you explore our global roster and take a look at the varied list of Wow factor entertainment, unique acts and interactive experiences


Explore further sports event entertainment!

If you’re planning a sports event and are looking for ways to make it attractive for mass media and social networks, you might consider some of the above ideas.


If you need further advice on influencer marketing in sports and other sports event entertainment, give us a call and let us know what you have in mind. Browse our website for inspiration and ideas - if we don't have exactly what you're looking for, our experienced creative team can develop it with you!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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