Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

Sports are one of those activities that not only gathers together millions of people, but that also inspire themes for parties and events. Our in-house sports expert and big football supporter Xabier ‘Xabi’ Garces has some experience in this field and is now sharing some sports event ideas with our readers.

Having worked with numerous clients who got in touch with him looking for inspiration for major sporting occasions but also sporting themed events, Xabi has gained valuable experience and is now looking forward to spreading ideas with our global clients. 

With a comprehensive approach involving customers with different needs and budgets, entertainment for sporting events doesn’t come down to acts for major global affairs. Bringing sport to your themed event or occasion is also possible, so whether you need corporate entertainment ideas for sporting themed events or actionable insights to bring a world cup kind of event to a whole new level, you’re in the right place.


Sports event ideas to create a real impact


A huge football fan and a former football player himself, Xabi offers valuable insight as both a supporter and an entertainment expert. Not only aware of what audiences enjoy but also providing his point of view as an spectator, he sits on my right and starts sharing some of the most original briefs he’s received and the sports event ideas he came up with for his clients. 

When asked about some examples that can help our readers know the kind of entertainment for sporting events Scarlett Entertainment offers, a recent TV show in Mexico is the first event that comes to mind. ‘Not only because it took place recently, it was in fact one of the most interesting proposals I have worked on’, he explains enthusiastically.

Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

Our Business Development Manager and sports expert Xabier Garces with our Freestyle Basketball Show artists after their performance at Televisa’s ‘Todo Queda en Familia’


For the first episodes of their new national game show ‘Todo Queda en Familia’, Televisa transformed their studio into a basketball court for our Freestyle Basketball Show to showcase their extraordinary expert talent. 


According to Xabi: “in this increasingly connected world, event attendees are in constant search of things they can share on their social networks. This was an opportunity for a brand, in this case Televisa,  to get creative and come up with original corporate entertainment ideas that generate a conversation and keep the event experience alive for longer”. 


With Xabi’s help, Televisa managed to do it with a WOW factor show that brought a sporty vibe to the popular TV show. ‘It caused an impact, it was shared on social media, it was interactive and best of all: it can be adapted to bigger venues. It’s a show that can be also the perfect half time entertainment choice for any major sporting event’, Xabi concludes.


Popular entertainment for sporting events


With the above and other examples in mind, Xabi goes through Scarlett Entertainment’s global roster and imagines how different acts could create hype at corporate occasions but also big worldwide affairs such as the World Cup opening ceremony, Wimbledon final or the NBA playoffs.


The below sports event ideas are his favourite.


LED technology and gymnastic moves: A winning formula!


“Is there anything more spectacular that witnessing how humans fly over our heads?” Xabi asks . This LED Freestyle Basketball Show is a hands-down favourite when it comes to entertainment for sporting events. An eye-popping spectacle, this splendid blend of LED and gymnastics is filled with gravity-defying leaps and fuelled with adrenaline! 


Bringing the WOW factor to any stadium or venue, these performers have come up with a winning formula that is not only crowd-pleasing but that can be adapted to different spaces. Xabi has no doubt: “A show that engages audiences regardless of age or taste for sports, this LED extravaganza can cause a real impact whatever the event, whatever the size”. 


Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

An LED extravaganza that mixes technology and gymnastics is a winning formula whatever the event size


Bespoke visuals and graphics that create the ultimate immersive experience


Bringing architecture to life and transforming any mundane space into a truly magical environment, these Event Visual Projections can be fully personalised for both major and corporate sporting events. Spectacular multi-dimensional visuals that can fit your theme, 3D graphics can be projected onto trees, gardens, buildings, swimming pools, big arenas, stadiums, etc.


“This is a very unique way to decorate a venue” Xabi explains. Bespoke visuals not only are an original way to transform spaces but they also create an immersive experience for event attendees. Able to create large scale bespoke projections, our visual designers can even turn an arena floor and stands into a massive projection screen. 


Anything from a football clubs’ crest, squad list or projections that create multi-dimensional movement, these experts can get creative in order to produce mind-blowing visuals that have an impact and generate an ongoing conversation once the event is over.


Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events
Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

Bespoke event visuals create a multi-dimensional world with any theme of your choice


A display of colour and high-impact drumming never fails to disappoint


“When it comes to half time entertainment, I don’t hesitate: high-impact drumming is a must” Xabi states. A spectacle that will have audiences at the edges of their seats, these Splashing Drummers offer performances are simply spectacular and beyond expectations.


“Big venues, small venues, sporting themed events, corporate occasions, stadiums...these guys have done it all” he tells us. Energetic drumming, fast beats and a whole lot of water create a thrilling performance that definitely leaves audiences wanting more.


“We can also create bespoke shows with Paint Drummers” Xabi continues. Also a high impact drumming show with colourful splashes of light, these musicians create an exciting colour burst at opening ceremonies, corporate sporting events and more. “The way I imagine them is using the colours of different flags and countries while playing different country anthems with their drums. Wouldn’t that be great for an opening act or a finale?” he asks with excitement.


Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

Splashing Drummers deliver explosive percussion pieces and unique special effects at venues of any size


Cocktail pearls delight palates and create a buzz


A very simple way to surprise guests at events, this is one of Xabi’s favourite corporate entertainment ideas. “I love this concept because it can fit into so many different themes and event types...the possibilities are endless!” he assures. Cocktail Pearls are an innovative way to enjoy cocktails and it definitely becomes a conversation topic at any occasion.


“The fact that these pearls can be produced in different colours makes them perfect for sporting themed events” Xabi explains. Customisation doesn’t end there: the stands where they are placed in can also be personalised with different coloured lights and people can take them in a box that contains a personalised message.


“I Imagine guests reading a message that wishes their selection good luck in the world cup, for example. As a guest and supporter I would love to get something like that. These cocktail pearls are perfect for VIP hospitality boxes in stadiums” he affirms.


Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

Sophisticatec cocktail pearls are a truly original corporate gift and can be produced in different colours



Augmented reality butterfly show transforms event settings into immersive spaces


Using some of the latest video mapping technology to transform any space into an immersive environment, this stunning Video Mapping Butterfly forms a beautiful backdrop for a whole range of events and occasions. 


“Applied to sports, I can imagine any type of sports footage being projected onto the wings for guests to enjoy” Xabi explains, “if, on top of that, you add a live opera singer that performs a classic such as the Champions League anthem, the act can really take the event to a whole new level”.


Perfect for transforming the plainest of event spaces, this virtual butterfly art installation immediately creates movement and becomes a stunning focal point at any occasion.


Entertainment to Create a Hype at Major and Corporate Sporting Events

Video mapping butterfly wings are an innovative way to project visuals and mesmerise viewers


Major and corporate sporting events nowadays require imagination and bespoke high-end entertainment solutions. Aware of this, the Scarlett Entertainment team can get down to work to do the unheard of and come up with sports event ideas that meet different budgets and expectations. Xabi is confident and has a clear professional motto: “If you can dream it, we can do it”.



Share and spread sports event ideas!

If any of the above entertainment for sporting events sounds interesting, we invite you to read other articles with more corporate entertainment ideas such as How to Add Meaningful Entertainment to your Sporting Event


If you’re planning to surprise your guests or workers with spontaneous sporting activities, our blog post about employee and customer reward ideas might also be of your interest.

Let’s talk!

Making a corporate sporting event have a major impact is within easy reach when you have the professional help you need. Make sure you contact Xabi or any of our Entertainment Account Managers for further sports event ideas.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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