Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: How to Display Your Logo at Events with Entertainment

Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: How to Display Your Logo at Events with Entertainment

Branded Entertainment at Events: What It Is and Why You Should Be Doing It

Advertising has evolved so much over the years that today it’s almost impossible to define what it is and what it implies in only one sentence. The discipline has derived in various sub-disciplines, some of which are directly linked to entertainment. Because of this, we’ve decided to take a closer look at one of them in particular: branded entertainment at events. 

Before getting into more detail, let’s first define what branded entertainment is and analyse why some marketers and brands confuse this concept with another that is quite similar: advertainment. 

Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: What’s The Difference?


Firstly and before we explore similarities and differences, definitions for each of these terms are needed. To this end, we’re going to rely on real experts on the matter. P.Kotler and G. Armstrong, authors of ‘Principles of Marketing’, provide the below definitions for branded entertainment and advertainment. 


  • Advertainment: as its name suggests, advertainment is the blend of advertising and entertainment. The aim of advertainment is to make ads so entertaining that viewers genuinely want to keep watching them. 

A good example of this is Pepsi and Estrella Damm commercials. Estrella Damm’s strategy for summer campaigns have been the same for the last decade. Each summer, they released a short film, the ultimate aim of which is to advertise their beer. 

However, these ads have transformed more into a cinematic experience rather than an advertising spot: they tell a story, they feature Hollywood stars, they are engaging and they’re awaited by millions of people every year. A good example of that, the Spanish firm’s 2018 ad featuring Game of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage. You can watch the advert below. 

  • Branded entertainment: an advertising or marketing concept that involves making a brand an inseparable part of a form of entertainment, being product placement the most popular type of branded entertainment. 


Companies make use of branded entertainment to link their brand with those forms of entertainment they want customers to identify them with. 


We owe some of the most popular product placements in the history of movies and TV to big brands such as Google (The Internship), Wilson Sporting Goods and FedEx (Cast Away), or Ray-Ban/U.S. Navy (Top Gun). You can watch a few good examples in the video below:


So what’s the difference between branded entertainment and advertainment? 

It’s quite clear advertainment’s main purpose is to advertise something, and it makes use of acting, famous faces, good scripts, music or other forms of entertainment to make it more enjoyable and effective. 

Branded entertainment, on the other hand, is the adjustment a form of entertainment makes to incorporate branding into one specific case and scenario. 

Even though it is a widely popular practice for TV and cinema, branded entertainment is also finding its way into live events these days. That’s where Scarlett Entertainment enters. 

Branded Entertainment for Events: Ideas to Display Your Logo at Events


More and more brands reach out looking for innovative ways to make use of branded entertainment at product launches, film premieres, exhibitions and trade shows, among others. Displaying your logo at events could be challenging, as you should try to find the balance between making an impact and not being intrusive. 

From our experience, the formula that works best is innovation + interaction + creativity. These are a few examples of creative ideas of branded entertainment for events. 


1. Incorporating brands into magic shows

One of the most effective branded entertainment ideas for events is magic shows. Magicians master an art form that has been amazing generations over the years and it never seems to get old! Fast forward to the 21st century, magicians have found truly innovative ways to keep astounding people with the use of technology. 

Digital magicians in particular use smartphones, tablets and apps to display logos, which immediately make consumers link any brand with innovation, and some of them have even become brand ambassadors for big corporations such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei. 

However, not only digital illusionists have found a new market niche thanks to branded entertainment. Traditional magic is also a go-to option for brands looking for something creative. A good example is the below wizard magician, a performer who can impersonate Harry Potter to perform his tricks and, that way, connect any brand to what Mr Potter represents: friendship, the triumph of good over evil, transformation, success, etc.

Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: How to Display Your Logo at Events with Entertainment

In the photo: Digital Illusionist, Ipad Magicians and Wizard Magician


2. Winning advertising formula: the art of the simple


It is often said less is more, and we couldn’t agree more. Some of the simplest entertainment options often turn out to be the most effective ones. Take the below Skin Logo Printing service and Walkabout Man in a Box act as an example. Both options are fully customisable and are an unostentatious and fun way to display logos at events and bring a smile to people’s faces. 

Same happens with Titan the Robot. A unique blend of comedy, street theatre and music, this walkabout robot immediately spread joy as he engages with the audience, jokes around and has a few cheeky little tricks like sneezing water at people. Fully brandable, Titan can be the perfect brand ambassador for automotive and tech brands looking to be associated with robotics and what that implies: innovation, forward-looking approach, leading technology, etc.


Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: How to Display Your Logo at Events with Entertainment

In the photo: Skin Logo Printing, Walkabout Man in a Box and Titan the Robot


3. Display your logo with projections, LED poi and technology 


Technology shows are one of the most effective ways to catch people’s attention and make everyone fix their gaze on your brand. When options for projections and LED shows to display logos at events, dark environments can be seen as an advantage as you can guarantee everyone will be immediately attracted by the light. 

There are an endless selection of technology acts that can incorporate branding you can consider. LED poi shows are always a big favourite among brands looking for an option that is dynamic and that can be synchronised with music. Another unique way to put your brand on the spotlight is the below aerial piano, an instrument hung vertically with video images projected on it. Guaranteed to get people looking skywards, consumers can easily associate with reaching new heights or thinking outside the box.

Light performers such as the below LED Glow Band are also an interesting option to consider. Last trusted by the Dubai Shopping Festival, these glowing entertainers’ performance is fun, exciting and truly original, qualities that the Middle Eastern event was happy to be associated with. 

Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: How to Display Your Logo at Events with Entertainment

In the photo: Branded LED Poi, Projection Screen Aerial Piano and LED Glow Band


4. Unique sculptures and tailor-made poetry and stories 


Customers tend to appreciate brands that support art in all its forms, and the below are great examples of very unique and extraordinary ways to produce art. Ice sculpting is an artistic discipline mastered by few. Part of its beauty comes from the fact that it is ephemeral, which makes ice sculptures even more valued. The fact that branding can easily be incorporated into these pieces of art makes them a popular choice among brands looking to be associated with something unique, beautiful or closely linked to what they sell. That’s why they’re particularly popular among beverage brands such as Jagermeister, for example. 


Other artistic forms that are experiencing a rise in popularity are poetry and storytelling. Overlooked by many, event poetry is quickly carving its own niche in the event industry with offerings such as the below. Our Event Poet offers original custom poems typed right there on the spot on a beautiful stationary piece of paper that can indeed display your company logo. 


A similar and still quite different concept, what our storyteller offers is simply extraordinary. The world’s only 60-second novelist, our entertainer talks to your event guests and instantly writes their life story in a minute on his antique manual typewriter. A fun, fully interactive and completely original concept, this is the perfect choice for brands looking to be associated with the beauty of vintage, literature or culture. 


Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: How to Display Your Logo at Events with Entertainment


In the photo and video: Event poet, Ice Sculptures and the World's Only 60-second Novelist


5. Adrenaline-pumping event experiences are a win-win


If there is something that truly makes customers connect with brands is experiencing them first hand. This is when experiential marketing and branded marketing should be joining forces. The below activities are some of the most sought-after branded entertainment options by big companies. As you can see below, Heineken, Red Bull or the NFL elevated consumers’ event experience to exciting new heights - and some of them did it quite literally!

Red Bull and the NFL, for example, opted for our Skydiving Wind Tunnels to provide people with a unique flying experience. Fully branded, the tunnels and skydiving suits were customised with the brands’ corporate colours and logos, which effectively managed to stick in the minds of customers who, from then on, would permanently associate them with excitement, happiness, adrenaline and exhilaration. 

Among Heineken many brilliant marketing campaigns, we can name the one that made use of virtual reality at live events as one of the most exciting ones, especially for customers. Providing them with the opportunity to experience a virtual world, Heineken personalised VR headsets and stations with their unmistakable corporate green and famous logo. Undoubtedly, an impeccable idea to make consumers link the brand with fun moments, happiness and pleasure. 

Branded Entertainment Vs Advertainment: How to Display Your Logo at Events with Entertainment

In the photo: Branded VR Entertainment and Skydiving Wind Tunnels


Explore Further Branded Entertainment for Events


Have any of the above ideas triggered your imagination? If you need further inspiration, you can also read our article on how live events and advertising campaigns can go hand in hand with entertainment, in which we take a closer look at how brands could make use of both traditional advertising and event marketing to effectively convey their messages. 

If you’re looking for unique branded entertainment options for live events, we’d love to help you! Get in touch with our Entertainment Specialists and let them guide you through a sea of possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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