Best Entertainment Ideas for your Hawaiian Luau

Best Entertainment Ideas for your Hawaiian Luau

As the weather heats up this summer, so should your event! Hosting a Hawaiian Luau is a fabulous way to celebrate summer and bring the essence of Hawaii to you, wherever you are in the world. An extremely popular event theme, Hawaiian entertainment and décor has become an event trend in itself as event hosts and party goers don their best coconut bras, grass skirts and lei garlands.

A theme that boasts celebration and good vibes, Hawaiian themed events are a chance to dress summery, drink fruity cocktails and soak up Hawaiian culture. So if you are struggling for inspiration for your next big event, keep on reading as we delve deep into our best Hawaiian entertainment options and Hawaiian décor ideas for your next soiree. 

What is a Luau?

First things first, you need to know what a luau is before inviting your guests! A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by traditional Hawaiian music and hula dancing. 

When throwing a Hawaiian luau, your guests need to dress like the locals and the great news is that this theme is an extremely easy fancy dress theme to follow! For men, chinos or board shorts with a floral shirt and lei garland will suffice and for ladies either a floral dress or a grass skirt with a coconut bra, floral bracelets, headbands, anklets and lei necklace is a great place to start. 

Best Entertainment Ideas for your Hawaiian Luau

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Hawaiian Entertainment

For any Hawaiian themed event entertainment is key and with our acts we can turn any beach party into an all singing all dancing Hawaiian luau, starting with our authentic Hawaiian entertainers. These traditional performers bring their cultural heritage to every occasion as they perform stunning hula dances, thrilling knife dance routines and melodic Hawaiian music. Hailing from Hawaii these performers recreate the essence of the stunning island everywhere they go and can guarantee an authentic show that is essential for every luau. 


Best Entertainment Ideas for your Hawaiian Luau


Polynesian Fire Show 

Our Tahitian and hula dancers merge authentic Hawaiian dancing with thrilling fire routines that heat up every occasion. With a combination of both female and male performers this show offers a range of entertainment from beautiful hula dancers to fire limbo, Tahitian dancers, female fire dance performances, male fire dancers and  Samoan fire knife routines. Offering a show that is overflowing with culture and Hawaiian tradition, these performers ignite audiences and provide event entertainment that is thrilling to watch and guaranteed to spark a great reaction from your guests. 



1940s Tiki Ukulele and Dance Show

Excite your guests with our gorgeous 1940s tiki girls as they fuse Hawaiian dancing and ukulele music with hits from Hollywood legends such as Elvis Presley! A winning combination that features tropical costumes, Hawaiian songs, exciting choreography, hula dancing, ukulele instrumentals and songs from popular Elvis movies. Adding a cheeky charm to every event these tiki performers will bring a real Hawaiian feel to your occasion. 


Best Entertainment Ideas for your Hawaiian Luau


Retro Surf Band

A Hawaiian inspired show that plays mash ups and exciting versions of hit songs whilst donning vintage Hawaiian style outfits. With our lead female singer on the ukulele and musicians on the trombone and guitar this exciting band is perfect for every Hawaiian themed occasion. Combining swing, calypso, rock n roll and Afro Caribbean music these talented retro musicians are fantastic for getting your guests up and dancing and keeping the party going all night long. 



Hawaiian Drinks

Our cocktail bus is perfect for any Hawaiian luau with its beachy vibes and delicious fruity cocktails that your guests can sip on throughout your event. With unique and creative concepts from our experienced mixologists, you’ll be amazed at what they can whip up for your guests. 


Best Entertainment Ideas for your Hawaiian Luau


Tropical Treats

Get fruity with your puddings and create these delicious watermelon deserts that not only taste great, but also look fantastic at your event. Adding another element to your event décor these delicious treats will draw in your guests and have everyone wanting to snap your food table for their Instagram accounts. 



Creative Balloons

Balloons are a fabulous addition to any event and are perfect for sprucing up any venue as they reemphasise your colour scheme, theme and overall impact. Decorate your venue with tropical coloured balloons and get creative with them by adding flowers in between the balloons to add another layer of Hawaiian vibe. 



Table Places 

Hosting an event with a sit down dinner? Your Hawaiian theme shouldn’t stop there! Add subtle but tasteful touches of Hawaii with creative place mats made from either a fan or leaf with your guests’ name written on it. A fun and exciting addition that will allow you to tap into your creativity as well as surprise your guests with this innovative table décor. Cover your table with Hawaiian flowers, pineapples and coconuts for a beautiful Hawaiian display.



Dressing your Venue

Whether you are hosting your luau inside or out you can achieve this simple décor trick and drape lei flowers from one side to another or from tree to tree. With paper lanterns hanging along them you can brighten your event and add a vibrant punch to your décor in a quick and easy step. 



E manao nei

The ultimate summer theme for your big event, Hawaiian luau’s pose a great photo opportunity for your guests in fancy dress as well as event entertainment that will transport you directly to the island of Hawaii!


Our vibrant performers offer a thrilling show that not only adds to your theme but also leaves your guests with lasting memories that will hold your Hawaiian themed event firmly in their heads as the biggest and best luau ever hosted.



To find out more about hosting your very own Hawaiian luau or to book one of our acts, contact our Entertainment Specialists on +44 1626 572072.


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__By Charlotte Russell

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