Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

The French Riviera is well known for hosting some of the most glamorous events in the world. International film festivals like Cannes, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix or Les Voiles in St Tropez are only a few examples of the many high-end events held on the coasts of Southern France. This being the case, it is not surprising these occasions offer some of the most spectacular entertainment in the world.
Every year, Cannes, Nice, Marseille, St Tropez and Monte Carlo draw visitors from all over the world, as they’re the host cities of major international events. Hollywood stars, international celebrities and even members of royal families attend these special occasions. With honoured guests like those visiting the most famous French Riviera events year after year, it is challenging to find world class entertainment to impress them. At Scarlett Entertainment we’re specialists at making event organisers’ lives easier, and with that goal in mind, we have compiled the best of the best luxury entertainment ideas for events in the French Riviera. Have a seat and take some notes.

Daytime entertainment  for luxury events in the French Riviera

All the French Riviera events attract great interest from both local and visitors. Hundreds of people gather on the streets to witness sports events such as the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix or walk around Cannes city centre expecting to see some Hollywood actor or celebrity. Events held in the French Riviera would need to make the most of the characteristically stunning weather and beautiful scenery that venues in Southern France can offer. Some outdoor entertainment options like the ones listed below can make the coasts of the French Riviera look even more beautiful. Besides, they can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any special occasion. 

Aerial Balloon Dancer

Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

An aerial dance performance that will make people gaze up at the sky and witness a spectacular demonstration of flawless technique and boundless creativity. Our Aerial Balloon Dancer guarantees to bring the WOW factor to any event or party and add a visually stunning view to the already astonishing Mediterranean landscape. Mixed with the architecture of cities like Cannes, Nice or Monte Carlo, this incredible aerialist will create an awe-inspiring experience that will leave unforgettable memories. This performance is a visual treat that  guests will always remember.

Building Walkers: Aerial Show 

Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

As we're mention the French Riviera's stunning architecture, Building Walkers are one of the most in-demand outdoor entertainment options and will bring a decidedly modern aesthetic to some of the region's historical facades. They provide visually spectacular performances that make people stop in the street, lift their eyes and admire this original visual spectacle. They can translate any concept or idea into reality and make any party an occasion to be remembered forever. This type of show can be combined with video mapping projections, which makes it even more visually attractive. Building walking acts can be the icing on the cake of any celebration and are undoubtedly world-class entertainment especially designed to help occasions such as French Riviera Events keep their well-deserved fame and prestige.

Cigar Specialist

Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

Many of the guests attending VIP parties at Cannes, Nice or Monte Carlo would be pleasantly surprised to find a Cigar Specialist offering a taste of some of the best tobacco in the world. Always dressed for the occasion, our cigar expert gives an even more refined and sophisticated feel to any luxury party. Guests usually gather around him and ask advice on what the best cigar for the occasion is. He can provide tobacco from different places around the world such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and, of course, Cuba. This cigar specialist will share the history of tobacco with those willing to listen, teach smokers how to differentiate cigars by their taste and he can also hand out some samples, personalised upon request.

Bubble Acrobat

These days, a VIP pool party without a Bubble Acrobat on it cannot be considered as such. Gymnasts inside giant bubbles are one of the best forms of  luxury entertainment  for outdoor celebrations. They offer a unique and glamorous look and add an extra special touch to exclusive celebrations. Artists such as this bubble acrobat can make any pool party look elegant by gliding across the water, although you may also consider booking an artist such as this sphere aerialist, who can also be a sophisticated alternative for venues with water. This type of luxury entertainment can be the ideal choice for drinks receptions and garden parties and can give guests an idea of the world class entertainment they will witness during their visit to France's  Mediterranean coast.

Glamorous party ideas for the evening celebrations in the French Riviera

When the sun sets in the west, the best part of the party is just about to begin . Evening parties are the most eagerly awaited events for some attendees, especially those wanting to see some spectacular entertainment . The below are some of the most glamorous party ideas for evening celebrations set in the South of France, whether during French Riviera Events such as the Cannes Film Festival, The Monaco Yacht Show or Les Viles in St Tropez or not.

White Laser Show 

Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

For celebrations held indoors, when the lights dim and a hushed silence descends in anticipation, this White Laser Show will make jaws drop to the floor. With Beethoven music in the background, VIP guests will be  invited to witness a visually stunning and show. A matchless performance that combines technology and classic music, this laser act is guaranteed to delight audiences of all sorts and get them talking about the unique and unforgettable event they attended during their visit to the French Riviera.

Goldsingers Show

You know what they say: it’s never a party without music. And luxury French Riviera celebrations are not an exception. For these glamorous evenings taking place in Southern France, there’s no better musical entertainment option that our Goldsingers Show. This sophisticated but also explosive cover band will bring real glamour to any occasion and a repertoire spanning the 50s to the very latest chart-topping tunes. Famous celebrities, royalty and jet-set from all over the world have already enjoyed their vibrant performances, shows full of style and elegance.

Aerial silks

Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

Guests at any event  will be left wide-eyed when these aerialists descend from the ceiling. As elegant as if they were part of your event décor, these aerialists will stun event attendees with their incredible flexibility and perfectly choreographed aerial routines. This Aerial Silks show is a display of elegance and sophistication ideal for luxury events taking place during festival nights. Dressed in unstained white outfits, these professional aerial performers exude pure refinement and can entertain guests during drinks receptions and gentile dinners. This group of talented aerialists have captivated guests at events held by renowned brands such as Swaorvski, Land Rover, Mercedes and Adidas and in diverse locations around the world like Hong Kong, Qatar or Dubai.

Champagne Dress Hostesses Paris

Best of Best Luxury Entertainment ideas for events in The French Riviera

When it comes to glamorous parties such as the ones taking place in the French Riviera, everything should be special and extraordinary, even the way guests are offered a drink. With this purpose, our Champagne Dress Hostesses can be the ideal waitresses for VIP parties and evening celebrations. These  dignified ladies can roam around your venue,  dressed in beautiful and elegant champagne dresses. They have a comprehensive selection of gowns to choose from, so they can wear the one that best fits your occasion. One thing is guaranteed though: whatever the outfit, the will bring their glamour and  charming smiles to any event.

Cascading Floral Violinist

The French Riviera hosts a number of different luxury evening events during the year. If you’d really like yours to stand out, this Cascading Floral Violinist is the entertainer that will make that happen. Dressed in a beautiful floral gown, this elegant violinist can delight guests at the entrance of your party and give them a preview of what they can expect to find inside. This wonderful performer offered a wonderful performance at the prestigious Knot Gala held at the New York City Public Library. She will captivate guests in Southern France. She provides unique aesthetics and a  sense of glamour and sophistication.

Complete your event in the French Riviera with Luxury Entertainment

Every year, the French Riviera welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world who travel to this stunning location to attend some of the most luxurious events in Europe. Celebrities, Hollywood stars and even princes and princesses will visit the Mediterranean coasts and, besides enjoying the beautiful views, they will also expect to enjoy themselves with some world class entertainment.


During they day, offer them some visual treats by booking entertainers such as our building walkers or balloon aerialist. Those partial to a cigar  can also find our cigar specialist a sophisticated way to enjoy a cigar. When night falls, elegant hostesses like our cascading floral violinist and champagne dress hostesses will be the perfect way to offer them a warm welcome and something to drink. Visually stunning spectacles like our white laser show and aerial silks can be the icing on the cake of special nights in the beautiful French Riviera.


Are you attending any French Riviera events this year? We’d love to see pictures and videos. Share them on social media and don’t forget to tag as @scarlettent. If you would like us to give us further suggestions and glamorous party ideas, get in touch with our team of entertainment experts today and ask for some inspiration!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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