Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event

Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event

Last year at Scarlett Entertainment we added a whole host of quirky, unique and downright scarily realistic animal themed acts to our worldwide entertainment roster. From husky dogs to dinosaurs, animal themed entertainment has been a popular walkabout entertainment choice for all kinds of events in 2014 and looks set to continue so in 2015! So without further ado here are some of our favourite picks…


This husky dog is guaranteed to turn heads at any event. An elaborate costume and expert body paint transform this performer into an incredibly realistic husky dog! Not only does this UK act look the part, he acts the part too with practised real-to-life animal-like movements that will have guests doing a double take. Undeniably unique, this act will show the wild side of your event no matter the occasion.

Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



Half man, half animal, with the head of a bull and the body of a man this Minotaur will shake up your event! Brought to life from the realms of Greek mythology, this walk around Minotaur will be the talk of any party as incredible body art and custom head peace create a stunningly realistic act. Based in the UK, this act is perfect for themed events, private parties and corporate functions.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event

Big Cat


Whatever your event, be it a corporate function or themed private party, this UK based act will turn heads. This professional performer can be transformed in the big cat of your choice with a custom designed body suit or intricate and detailed realistic body paint. Tailor made prosthetics are applied and blended into the designs of the suits and body paints to ensure that this act really does look freakishly feline.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



Not your traditionally realistic animal characters, these acrobatic leopards perform an unusual pantomime of animal behaviour. Dressed in elegant leopard print body suits, inspired by this wild cat, they move with animal-like grace giving a seamless acrobatic performance that will mesmerise audiences. Based in Berlin, they make a unique entertainment option for corporate events and private functions alike.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



These Amsterdam based stilt walkers are truly unique. Thinking outside of the box they have created eye-catching handcrafted costumes that are brought to life by professional performers and actors. These antelope gracefully prance and dance around their audience silently interacting with guests, offering a quirky and dramatic form of interactive entertainment that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



This herd of giraffes will make your event feel like an African safari! Statuesque and tranquil these giraffes are incredibly life-like in size and manner as they stride amongst the crowds playfully interacting with guests. Based in Amsterdam, these African giants can also be accompanied by their trainer to create a tongue-in-cheek comedy show that will delight guests of all ages at themed events, corporate functions and more.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



Larger and more elaborately decorated than their real-life counterparts, these beautiful ostrich-like creatures will be sure to cause a stir at any event. Controlled by their riders, they elegantly roam through the crowds enchanting all who meet them with extravagant costumes and comic antics that will not fail to induce a smile or a laugh. Based in Amsterdam, they will make a charming and unusual addition to private parties, themed events, festivals and corporate functions.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



These colourful walkabout birds are a popular interactive children’s entertainment choice for family days and festivals as well as private parties and corporate functions. Based in Slovakia, these giant brightly coloured birds are a fun form of entertainment that audiences of all ages will enjoy – they also provide fantastic photo opportunities! A cart full of small yellow chickens can also accompany this squawking duo.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



Perfect for winter themed events this family of penguins will be a hit with guests of all ages. State of the art animatronic costumes, traditional puppetry and strong characterisation combine to make Baby Egbertah, his parents and Urving Mackerel Esquire comically endearing characters. Available in a range of line-up configurations and based in the UK, this family provide fun and unique interactive entertainment for a whole host of events.


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event



Based in Dubai this act is the next level in animal character entertainment! With eight different life-like dinosaur species that walk, move and roar just like the real thing and three baby dinosaurs that children can pet and hold this show is utterly unique. Interactive and educational, the performance is available in all shapes and sizes for arenas, malls and festivals through to private parties and birthdays. The dinosaur characters can also been accompanied by their park keeper who will narrate the show and a magical talking tree!


Animal Characters: Wild Entertainment For Your Event

__By Alanna Bestwick

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