A Spotlight on Speed Painter Dave: Creative Extraordinaire!

A Spotlight on Speed Painter Dave: Creative Extraordinaire!

Experienced speed painters are few and far between so when you come across one of the calibre that our Speed Painter Dave is, you know that it’s a rare find!

Enamoured with art from a young age, always with a pen or paintbrush in hand ever since he can remember, it is only in the last five years that he has combined his love for art with his passion for music to create an incredible live music experience that can be appreciated by all.

Renowned for the unique way that he combines live event art with music, our Speed Painter Dave is always striving to create innovative performances that place him a cut above the rest. He has had the privilege of performing for Disney Cruise Lines, big brands like Ben Sherman, the man of the moment Joe Wicks and countless charities who have auctioned off his work to raise money. Each performance is customised to suit his client’s needs, whether it’s an upside down reveal, multiple canvases, a specific celebrity or VIP guest, a bespoke mix of colours or even a glitter portrait.


Case Study


Hired to perform at a high-end corporate event at the Four Season Hotel in Hampshire earlier this year, our professional speed artist came up with a fantastic bespoke show that saw him showcase his glitter painting for the first time – and it went down an absolute storm! Performing just before all of the guests were invited to partake in dinner, Dave painted one custom celebrity portrait Marilyn Monroe and then the client’s logo in gold glitter, both paintings were then left on stage for guests to look at during the dinner and the speeches. Never one to disappoint, his bespoke performance was a huge hit “everyone loved it and I heard guests talking about it throughout the night and the next morning” (Jennifer, corporate event).


Glitter Speed Painting


A relatively new craze that has emerged in recent years as a sub-genre of speed painting, glitter painting follows the same principles whereby a large-scale portrait is created live on stage in a matter of minutes, except the medium is glue and guest won’t be able to tell who the portrait is of until the finale when in a puff of glitter the subject is revealed!

A Spotlight on Speed Painter Dave: Creative Extraordinaire!

Traditional Speed Painting


Despite having branched out into glitter painting due to popular demand, traditional speed painting will always be close to our speed painter’s heart and when you look at some of the incredible paintings he has created in this way it really is no surprise! With a vibrant array of colours to choose from – which in itself offers great opportunities for customisation – he can create truly inspirational pieces that not only look great on stage but also in the office, or even on your wall at home.


Why Speed Painting For Corporate Events?


Speeding painting is really great for corporate event entertainment. As speedy as the name suggests, it’s easy to fit in as pre-dinner entertainment, or as an interlude or even grand finale! It has all the elements needed for an impactful performance that will really make a lasting impression: atmospheric music, fast-paced action, an element of suspense and of course the surprise reveal.


Our Speed Painter Dave can customise every single element of his performance to suit your event theme, brand and company. Not just a talented artist he can produce and mix music to choreograph his performance to if there is a company song or a piece of music particularly suited to your event theme he can use this. With prior warning, Dave can plan and practise a speeding painting of VIP event attendees, a celebrity not already in his repertoire, or a logo to perform live. He can paint these with company colours, or if you want real wow-factor silver and gold glitter! You’re not just limited to one painting per performance he can paint multiple designs, mix and match traditional and glitter painting, and even paint with the canvases upside down!


Not just your average speed painter, Dave truly does have a huge amount of talent and an unrivalled passion for his art and this really shows through in his professionalism and extraordinary live performances.


A Spotlight on Speed Painter Dave: Creative Extraordinaire!

__By Alanna Bestwick

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