A Guide to THE Weddings Trends for 2017

A Guide to THE Weddings Trends for 2017

Whether you’re a bride to be or professional wedding planner, if you need some inspiration when it comes to the latest wedding and bridal trends here are our wedding trends for 2017.

Scarlett Entertainment and Events has once again contributed to the International Wedding Trends Report by the International Academy of Weddings and Event Planning. The holy grail of all things weddings, this annual report is packed full with wedding inspiration from over 50 of the industry’s top professionals.

Divulging our predictions about what will be most popular in terms of unique wedding entertainment in this coming year, here is a little taste of what lies within the pages of this all-encompassing report: International Wedding Trends Report 2017.

Our Top Wedding Trend: Personalised Entertainment

We’ve noticed that our wedding couples want to go beyond just standard off-the-shelf entertainment options. They want something that can be personalised to them. Whether it’s their wedding theme or their personal style, couples want something that is completely unique for their special day.

Wedding Sand Story


This personalisation can take the form of a sand artist, (either live or a pre-recorded video), performing a sand animation that tells the story of how the couple met. Sand animation is renowned for being highly emotive, so if the ceremony didn’t induce tears then a sand art performance will be the last straw.


Speed Wedding Portrait

A Guide to THE Weddings Trends for 2017

For couples that prefer something a little less sentimental, a speed painter offers a high energy alternative. Speed painters can create custom portraits performed to a soundtrack of the couple’s choice. The finished piece can take pride of places on the couple’s wall at home as a one-of-a-kind wedding portrait to complement their wedding photos.


Personalised Digital Magic

A Guide to THE Weddings Trends for 2017

Magicians have always been a popular choice during the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast, however digital magicians are offering a new level of customisability. Digital magicians can offer customised wedding entertainment with tricks that incorporate personal touches. These personal touches and customisations can include graphics that match the wedding theme, props that hold significance for the couple, and tricks that incorporate all of the above and more.


What about other Wedding Trends for 2017?

Of course these are only three examples of personalised wedding entertainment, and don’t even touch the surface when it comes to what’s trending in terms of music. For that you’ll have to read the full report.


Aside from unique wedding entertainment that has been personalised to the happy couple, other weddings trends for 2017 include: lace and embroidery, pink in all its shades, geometric shapes, natural materials and textures, gold accents, and bigger tables creating that feel of one big family.


It would seem that the wedding trends of 2017 are less influenced by themes, and more influenced by designs from every day life. In fact, couples and wedding planners are drawing their wedding inspiration from across modern life including film, fashion, interior design and popular culture.


Book your Personalised Wedding Entertainment

With all this in mind it’s time to start planning the details of your 2017 wedding!


If you need help finding the perfect wedding entertainment to match your vision and want some inspiring ideas about how it can be personalised, get in touch with our experienced entertainment coordinators.


Our professional entertainment coordinators have years of experience booking unique wedding entertainment for happy couples. You can get in touch by calling 01626 57072 or by filling out our online enquiry form.



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