8 Of Our Most Romantic Acts for Valentine’s Day

8 Of Our Most Romantic Acts for Valentine’s Day

If you are looking to impress someone with lavish romantic gestures or set the mood for a Valentine’s Day event, you can count on us to pull out all the stops and find you the best Valentine’s Day entertainment. 

In the perfect scenario, Cupid would fire his bow and arrow over a couple on Valentine’s Day as they embrace in front of a sunset and cartoon-style hearts float up into the sky. Now, although we can offer you a female cupid character and many custom balloon sculptors who could quite easily create the floating hearts, we are more inclined to help you set the mood with some romantic entertainment.  

They say that “love makes the world go round”. With this popular idiom in mind, at Scarlett Entertainment we cherish the opportunity to make this day special for our clients. Whether you’re hosting a designated love themed event, intimate occasion, planning a proposal or just want to make your other half feel like a million dollars, we have some of the best Valentine’s Day Entertainment and a wide selection of romantic acts.

So, dim the lights, light the candles, sit back and get inspired by 8 of our most romantic acts for Valentine’s Day. 

1 Set the mood with our Jazz Piano & Double Bass Duo


Some say that music is the way to a woman’s heart, others say it’s food, but the latter is far less romantic than being serenaded by acoustic musicians in an intimate setting. This wonderfully elegant duo do exactly that. Providing the perfect music for Valentine’s Day, this jazz duo can quite easily perform to a large crowd or an intimate soirée for two. They have a wonderful repertoire of jazz standards and American Songbook classics with many songs about love.

2 Get the blood pumping with the Aerial Heart Themed Show

8 Of Our Most Romantic Acts for Valentine’s Day

High on the list of love themed or romantic entertainment has to be this stunning aerial act with a beautiful heart-snapped prop. This beautiful LED lit red heart can be used to showcase aerialists, burlesque acts, hand balancing, singers and more. It can so easily be adapted to any theme but love and romance seem to be the most fitting and the symbolism of the heart makes it an ideal choice of Valentine's Day Entertainment. 

3 Think outside the box with our Music Globe

8 Of Our Most Romantic Acts for Valentine’s Day

This luxurious live music concept is guaranteed to bring the wow factor to your special event. This beautiful romantic entertainment option will work for you as a unique piece of decor and a focal centrepiece as well as provide exceptional live music for Valentine's Day. The globe features a musician inside with instrument options including cello, saxophone, violin or harp. With strong connotations to a snow globe, this stunning act evokes a sense of childhood wonder and magic.

4 Make love bloom with the Rose Ballerinas

8 Of Our Most Romantic Acts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day isn't quite right without flowers, especially roses. These decadent ballerinas offer the most romantic entertainment that is especially well suited to any celebration of love. Dressed in pink tutus with rose headbands and glitzy tiaras, the ballerinas dance whilst holding a bouquet of wild roses. For your Valentine’s Day entertainment, we can arrange for the Rose Ballerinas to hand deliver the beautiful bouquet of flowers to your date which will create one of those unforgettable moments. 

5 Let the effortlessly suave Jack Pack serenade you


You might not want to present your date with four handsome men at your intimate candle-lit dinner, but Jack Pack are a fantastic choice of music for Valentine's Day events with multiple attendees. The stylish four-piece vocal harmony group will entertain your guests with classic Rat Pack songs and swing-style versions of more modern songs. The Rat Pack won over the hearts of adoring fans back in the 1960s and the Jack Pack will win over your guests with their timeless style. 

6 Create great first impressions with our Cascading Floral Violinist


The look on your guest's faces as they are greeted by this astonishing violin hostess will be totally priceless. This delightfully romantic act was a concept created by us and first showcased on the steps of NYC Public Library at The Knot Gala as guests entered the building. The Cascading Floral Violinist is dressed in an incredible 20ft floral chiffon gown in a subtle pink colour and she will serenade guests with an array of luscious classical music that serves as excellent Valentine's Day entertainment.

7 Ready yourself for a slow dance with our Premier Acoustic Duo


All Night Long, Kiss, Love Machine, You Got The Love and Let's Stay Together are just a handful of this duo's romantically inclined music for Valentine’s Day. Their repertoire boasts a wide range of songs that everybody knows and if you want to turn things up a notch, they can perform as a full electric band. Setting the right mood comes as second nature to the London-based duo as they are very popular with weddings up and down the country. Their intimate laid-back covers are perfect for partners slow dancing in each other's arms and they can also learn your favourite song for you. 

8 Get your love bells ringing with the Love Bell Stilt Walkers

8 Of Our Most Romantic Acts for Valentine’s Day

These eye-catching walkabout characters are the perfect Valentine's Day entertainment. The giant red and white Love Bell Stilt Walkers are adorned with hearts and their height really makes them stand out. Ideal for an event with a love theme, the stilt walkers actively engage with guests, pose for photos and are able to hand our heart-shaped sweets. 


Whether you’re looking for love themed Valentine’s Day entertainment or a suitably romantic act, we will help you find the one. 


We are here to help you with all your needs from creating an ambience with the best music for Valentine’s Day, to tailoring romantic entertainment to your special event. Our team of Entertainment Specialists regularly work with a wide spectrum of requests, client types and themed events all over the world so do not hesitate to contact us for advice and ideas. 


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