Eight amazing acts you never knew existed

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

If you’re one of those who boast of having seen everything, you’ll be amazed when you see the compilation of original entertainment ideas we have prepared for you. From living statues to exceptional live music performances with the most unusual instruments, the following shows combine two things that at Scarlett Entertainment we are proud to provide: uniqueness and the WOW factor.
Our entertainers based all around the world are not only skilled artists who amaze us with their exceptional talent:. They are also great professionals who are constantly challenging themselves in order to expand their service and offer audiences shows that are very different from what we all are used to. We are specialists in our industry and, as such, we understand that event organisers are facing real challenges as audiences have increasingly high expectations. For this reason, we got down to work to bring you a painstaking selection of exceptional entertainment options. A detailed list of eight amazing shows you never knew existed is provided below. Especially created for event planners looking for inspiration, the following unconventional entertainment ideas are a dazzling array of performances and accomplished oasis for all fans of the unusual.

1. Iconic Singing Statues

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

One of the most traditional and in-demand entertainers in the world, living statues are always an excellent choice. If you have ever dreamed of having famous historical figures like Marie Curie, Walt Disney or Albert Einstein hosting your party, the show offered by these singular singing statues will exceed all your expectations. Dressed as some of the most famous figures in popular culture, these living statues will perform classic hits by ABBA or Queen accompanied by a live band or a cappella. And, if that wasn't enough, they can do all of this in small or large groups, so you can have scientists, technology geniuses or famous designers all hosting your event together.

On top of that, these iconic singing statues can also perform basic dance routines.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Steve Jobs singing and dancing ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurhytmics or Coco Chanel moving to the rhythm of ‘Money Money’ by ABBA? Our Iconic Singing Statues are definitely an original entertainment idea that will gather people around and get them talking and sharing pictures on social media.

2. Vertical Drummers

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

If playing an instrument was not impressive enough, imagine playing it whilst suspended in the air. This is precisely what these talented vertical drummers do. Any event looking to really impress its guests should take into  consideration this unique musical act among its list of unique entertainment options.

This creative percussion act is not only visually eye-catching but also musically delightful. An impressive display of agility and balance, these original percussionists can perform at heights of eight to 85 metres defying gravity and –let’s face it - vertigo. Our Vertical Drummers definitely offer an extraordinary musical show that will blow audiences away and get them talking.

3. Red Spiky Slackline Act

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

This unique and bizarre acts list wouldn’t be complete without this eccentric jester. Memorable and striking, this unconventional juggling act is especially successful among circus lovers who are always looking for new and original entertainment ideas.

His red spiky costume is guaranteed to capture audiences’ attention from the very first minute. But it's not only his extravagant outfit that stands out: this talented circus performer is highly skilful on the slackline and can offer a show that combines balance, juggling and comedy. This is a truly impressive circus performance that is undeniably weird, but extraordinarily awesome.

4. Break Dancer on Crutches

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

If you’re among those who believe that break dancing is already an impressive and complex dance style, you’ll be amazed when you see what this extraordinary performer can offer. His is a story of personal perseverance and how, you can turn an unexpected obstacle into a positive lifestyle choice.

This amazing break dancer was diagnosed with polio at a young age, a disease he bravely faced and overcame. With the use of his crutches, he executes mind-blowing break dancing moves just as rigorously as any other street dancer. Who would have thought that a pair of crutches could become an (unconventional) form of artistic expression? This is a really powerful story that deserves a place of honour in our list of eight amazing acts you never knew existed.

5. Vegetable Music Show

If, by the time you’re reading this, you still think it’s not possible to find other artists who break all the rules, wait until you see this. This sensational vegetable music show proves once again that science will never cease to amaze us. This group of ‘musicians’ have turned what is ordinary intro something extraordinary by creating a music show in which fruits and vegetables are the instruments.

This unconventional form of artistic expression is very well received people of all ages, especially little ones, who love to be told they can actually play with food!  This unusual musical act brings - never has it been more literally meant – a fresh sound that puts a smile on everybody’s faces and stimulates creativity, curiosity and an interest in science. Best of all? The show is not limited to fruits and vegetables. Pizza lovers, get ready to hear what your favourite food sounds like!

6. Bottle Music Group

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

Vegetables and fruits are not the only strange instruments people can produce music with. Other objects like glass bottles and water containers can be used to create sounds and incredible harmonies. This is exactly what this original bottle music group has put into practice with great success.

By making use of more than 100 different bottles of various sizes and colours, they  play famous songs  and even their own compositions. Nobody at any event will expect that the guys who appear to be in charge of the refreshments could jump on stage and make a smash hit show out of musical bottles. This is another example of how to use your available resources and make art with them – not to mention what a great contribution to recycling this is!

7. Flower Head People

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

We can’t ignore this fantastic and fun walkabout performance in this list of original entertainment ideas. Unique and bizarre, but also glamorous and stylish, the Flower Head People have found an unconventional form of artistic expression that proves creativity is limitless. This elegant couple with a bunch of flowers as a head undoubtly deserves to be part of this list of unique and bizarre acts. Always dressed appropriately for each occasion, their smart outfits are the less conspicuous part of their peculiar attire.

Classified by many of our entertainment experts as one of the most original entertainment ideas for fashion shows, these original performers are sure to be a hit at any event they show up at. Who wouldn’t like to take a picture with them and try to see the person behind the flower head? Strike a pose!

8. Comical Lizard Man

8 amazing acts you never knew existed

He can be nice and sweet or creepy and terrifying. There is no middle ground when it comes to our Comical Lizard Man. As its name suggests, this half lizard half man will show up at any party and fool around with attendees. An expert at making friends with little ones, kissing ladies’ hands and ‘stealing’ any personal belongings, this funny and unique reptile can make of any event an unforgettable occasion.

The best thing of all is that, by using body painting, he can transform into a terrifying being like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Imagine J.R.R. Tolkien’s creepy creature jumping around your party - your guests won't know whether to laugh or run! Weird, but hilarious.


Of course, the above are only a few of the many original  and bizarre entertainment ideas we have to offer!  We’d love to know what your favourite bizarre act is, so share this article on twitter and tag us @scarlettent with your choice. 


If you'd like to get in touch about any of the acts we've mentioned in this article to book them for your event, or find out about additional acts available for your event, you can call us on 01626 57072. Our experienced entertainment coordinators will be more than happy to help.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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