5 Walkabout Halloween Acts to Terrify Guests

5 Walkabout Halloween Acts to Terrify Guests

With the last dregs of summer eking out over the coming weeks, it is fast becoming that time of year again – time to start planning for what is one of our favourite excuses for a party – Halloween!

As with any annual event, it can be difficult to pick out unique entertainment options  – after all you want to make it bigger, better and different from what you did last year. We thought we’d give you a helping hand by showing you some of our most spine-chilling walkabout acts for Halloween… prepare to be repulsed, terrified and surprisingly delighted!


Ghoulish grannies and bizarre clowns

5 Walkabout Halloween Acts to Terrify Guests

These are some of the scariest walkabout Halloween characters you will ever see and they definitely have the crazy factor! Available as both stilt walkers and ground-based performers, this shambolic array of characters will cause havoc at your event; there’s Miss Halloween the freak-show beauty queen, Ruby Shock the knife thrower’s assistant, evil clowns and badly behaved grannies. Each character has a dark twist which we dare you and your guests to discover for yourselves!


Of course, if these characters don’t quite suit the theme of your haunted event, they can conjure up new characters to meet your specific requirements – just be careful what you wish for.


Watch out for the skeleton in your closet…


5 Walkabout Halloween Acts to Terrify Guests

It doesn’t get more terrifying than a giant skeleton with eight legs – trust us on this one. This incredible costume has been designed in such a way that it really does create the illusion of a skeleton resurrected from your nightmares, and is most effective in darkened environments where it not only looks the part but also casts eerie shaped shadows.


Showcasing midnight black material, realistic bone-like casing covering our performer's skull and ribcage, as well as several additional bone legs, this skeleton is half human, half spider and looks like it has walked straight out of hell!


It doesn’t end there, a stilt-walking pirate skeleton can also accompany our eerie eight-legged skeleton – think Pirates of The Caribbean when the moon is out. Together this ghastly duo will have your guests running for the hills as they walk about your event.


The Devil’s alive and he’s coming for you!


5 Walkabout Halloween Acts to Terrify Guests

Boasting one of the most impressive costumes out of all our walkabout Halloween themed acts, this red demon character looks so realistic he will have your guests doubting reality!


With the latest in Digilegs technology, the best costume props and professional special effects make up our experienced stilt walker brings the Devil to life – horns and all – and will ensure that everyone at your event gets the full experience.


Great for interacting with guests, photo opportunities, and able to fit within almost any Halloween based theme, book our red demon for festivals, private parties and public events.


Zombies, Clowns, Day of The Dead – the whole shebang!


5 Walkabout Halloween Acts to Terrify Guests

Our amazingly versatile Halloween roaming performers are available to make a spine-chilling appearance at your event as zombies, demented clowns, possessed dolls or Day of The Dead spirits. They can tailor their performance to suit your theme and venue.


Each character is brought to life by one of our experienced actors and impressive performers. Masters of all things theatrical they won’t break character as they mix and mingle with guests, pose for photos, and dish out the odd fright, creating an eerie atmosphere that is maintained from the start of your event right up until the very end. Their high-quality costumes will also help to maintain the illusion.  


Perfect for haunted houses, paranormal-themed events and festivals, book our Halloween themed roaming characters and treat your guests to a trick.


Pumpkin King of Halloween Town


5 Walkabout Halloween Acts to Terrify Guests

If you prefer things a little less scary and a little more family friendly, our Jack Skellington stilt walker is perfect! A fantastic larger than life replica of everybody’s favourite Pumpkin King, this fantastic movie-themed costume character will delight event attendees of all ages.


Bringing to life one of the most iconic characters from Tim Burton’s 1993 film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, our Jack Skellington walkabout character is perfect for public Halloween events, as well as club nights!


Our eye-catching stilt walker quite literally towers above your guests and won’t fail to keep them laughing, smiling and having a fantastic time throughout your Halloween event.


Want more?


Of course, this is just a small snapshot of our Halloween entertainment options, we have a vast array of additional themed walkabout characters as well as stage shows and bands offering themed setlists.


Able to provide clients with both standard and custom-made performances, we can ensure that your Halloween entertainment perfectly matches your event theme, venue and audience!


Get in contact with one of our experienced entertainment coordinators to start putting together the best Halloween themed event anyone has ever seen!

__By Alanna Bestwick

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