5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

In an increasingly globalised world, events such as award ceremonies, product launches, trade fairs, exhibitions and cultural events require qualified and trained professionals who can host them and give a warm welcome to audiences. These type of occasions are attended by people from different nationalities. In the majority of cases, English is the language chosen to launch a new product, give an award or introduce audiences to new concepts and traditions due to the fact that for many international audiences it is a common language. 

In many cases, however, multilingual event hosts are  needed, especially when it comes to multilingual international audiences. Many brands decide to appeal to customers in their mother tongue and become well-known for addressing customers' individual requirements, and this includes communicating with them in their own language; others are beginning to spread and look for new horizons with the help of international professionals; and some others see the importance of bringing an authentic touch of a culture to events based on it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Multilingual Event Host

There is a clear trend towards event organisers trusting speakers with both event management experience and knowledge of languages. Chinese, Spanish and Hindi, among other dominant languages, are becoming increasingly popular in different types of events.
1 - It helps create a multicultural atmosphere at your event
Multilingual presenters and MCs can help create a bilingual atmosphere at your event, which at the same time can contribute to expand a business or share a culture or traditions. Hiring a multilingual presenter to host your event can say a lot about your brand and your values.
2- A bilingual event host can explain complex concepts in two languages
Multilingual or bilingual presenters and hosts are well-trained and talented public speakers in more than one language. These professionals can ensure complex topics and concepts are explained to audiences clearly and with technical lexicon-vocabulary in more than one language. Our corporate event speakers can study and understand a brand’s vision and values in their source language and translate and communicate key messages to audiences from different countries. 
3 - Multilingual event hosts can connect and communicate with multilingual audiences
Linked with the above, a multilingual or bilingual event host can communicate with people of different origins. Many events require audience’s interaction or rounds of questions. These specialists in public speaking and languages will ensure all the questions your potential clients’ or guests’ make are properly answered with accurate data and the appropriate lexicon. After all, you shouldn't assume that all of your attendees will also be multilingual or completely fluent in more than one language. 
4- They can bring an authentic flavour from their cultural heritage to events worldwide
The best way to illustrate this is with an example.'If an Indian company with international offices decides to reward its top sellers by taking them on an incentive trip, this is where a multilingual event host comes in. Hiring an event host that can speak Hindi - because the company is Indian and a large number of attendees will be Indian - and English and another European language - because there will be European representatives of the company in attendance - the company will be embracing it's core identity as an Indian company as well as catering to its international employees. Therefore ensuring that everyone in attendance feels welcomed and catered to. 
5- They can help build bridges between sellers and clients
Renowned brands and businesses usually choose different locations to host an event. It’s the case of many car and technology brands that present new products to clients in different cities all over the world in order to reach wider audiences in the international community. In these instances, event organisers usually opt for native presenters and hosts who can communicate with both local audiences and potential clients from different nationalities. 

Hire Event Presenters from Around The World

As demand for multilingual event hosts seem to ramp up year after year, at Scarlett Entertainment we have decided to make your life easier by listing some of the most in-demand multilingual presenters in our roster. As global experts, we can provide corporate event speakers and hosts for occasions all over the world, so the below presenters are a sample of the variety of comperes and MCs we can offer. Let’s start!

Multilingual Presenter Johannes

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

This friendly presenter is not only a talented public speaker but also an engaging host. Well-known for her professional approach and her friendly manner, Johannes always ensures that event itineraries run without a hitch. He can convey messages to both small and large audiences and he can do it in either German, English or Japanese. This trilingual presenter’s natural ability to engage audiences has made him a popular choice among events held in Germany, where he’s currently based, and in different locations around Europe, especially those with Japanese guests.
Based in: Germany
Languages he speaks: German, English and Japanese

Multilingual Hostess Anne

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

This extraordinary event MC compere has experience as a live event presenter, as a moderator and as a TV host. She can speak four languages fluently and connect with people from different countries with her eloquence and her ability to understand and respond to questions regardless of complexity. She has hosted numerous product launches, award ceremonies, seminars, conferences and product launches all over Europe, and is a very popular choice for events requiring a moderator who can lead discussions. Her talent as a public speaker has led her to moderate debates between young professionals in the European Parliament, among other major achievements. 
Based in: Belgium
Languages she speaks: Dutch, English, French and Spanish

Bilingual Event Host UAE

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

The Middle East and Arab countries are becoming increasingly relevant for brands and business that continuously look to expand their business across international borders. Our emcee Rania is one of the top bilingual presenters in the UAE at the moment. Not only an experienced host but also a talented actress, she is fully capable of presenting in Arabic and English. Renowned brands such as Samsung, Coca-cola and Nissan already realised this multitalented presenter’s potential and trusted her to host some of their events in Dubai and introduce some of their new products to clients in the Middle East. Naturally elegant, Rania has also been the choice of film festivals and jewellery brands in the past. 
Based in: Dubai
Languages she speaks: Arabic and English

Bilingual Hindi Presenter 

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

A native English speaker with Indian origins, this female MC can host any event in either Hindi or English. She has experience both in front of the camera and hosting live events and has specialised in Bollywood events, ceremonies and awards. With both academic and professional experience, our bilingual host is the ideal choice for events with international audiences. Charismatic and smiley, this friendly host is an eloquent speaker who keeps audiences entertained and engaged with a fluent speech, her big smile and her likeable personality. An in-demand option in the UK and across Europe, our bilingual presenter has been in charge of red carpets, wedding exhibitions, ceremonies and receptions both in the old continent, Mumbai and other locations in India.
Based in: London
Languages she speaks: Hindi and English

Bilingual MC Kris

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

This experienced MC has had the privilege of interviewing celebs like Ian Somerhalder and host events held by high-end brands like Dior, Bentley and Cartier. With this exclusive client portfolio, it is not surprising Kris is a very popular option for brands that organise events in the Asian market. Well-known for being the most in-demand event presenter in Shangai, this bilingual host is also a popular guest host at Dragon TV and was the person in charge of the Manchester United’s China Tour in 2012. Also a journalist and a translator, his language knowledge and skills have allowed him to rub shoulders with Hollywood superstars and elite sportsmen.
Based in: Shangai, China
Languages he speaks: Chinese and English


Event MC Alejandra

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, and it is acquiring even greater importance in the business world due to the expansion of economies in countries across Latin America. If to this we add how popular Spanish and Latin American cultures are becoming, it is not surprising Spanish-speaking hosts are in high demand. Our event MC Alejandra is a well-known Spanish TV presenter who is also a favourite for  ceremonies and private events. A multitalented professional, she is also a model, actress and communications expert who is charming and quick-witted. If the command of two languages wasn't  enough, Alejandra also masters Catalan and Danish, which makes her a very popular option for events all over Europe, especially her native Barcelona, one of the favourite locations chosen by international brands, festivals and cultural events.  
Based in: Barcelona
Languages she speaks: Spanish, Catalan, Danish and English

Event Hosts Russia

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

These event hosts offer something truly different, and not only because they can speak more than one language, but also because of how effective and engaging their presentations are. This duo of professional communicators can entertain audiences by hosting any event with high doses of comedy and interaction. Our event hosts and entertainers can teach people how to dance and keep them engaged with interactive games and other activities. Best of all? They can make your event twice the fun in either Russian, German or English.

Based in: Russia

Languages they speak: Russian, German and English


Multilingual Emcee Pune

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

The power of Bollywood, the rich culture of this Asiatic country and the interest brands are developing in this market make India an increasingly popular place for companies to host ceremonies, cultural events and product launches. In this context, our multilingual Emcee Pune can be the ideal host for any of these occasions, as he can adapt his speech and style to any situation. His extensive experience and sense of humour allow him to quickly connect with audiences, something that is even easier due to his fluency in English, Hindi and Marathi. Pune can even be asked to include some jokes or specific messages in his speeches and make it so natural that audiences will find it witty and resourceful. 
Based in: India
Languages he speaks: English, Hindi and Marathi

Multilingual Italian Presenter

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

A charismatic storyteller, this Multilingual Italian Presenter can speak multiple languages. He can communicate key messages with great accuracy in either Italian, German, English, French and Spanish. A communicator that quickly understands technical information, he can also translate complex information in a way that general audiences find understandable and entertaining. His rich vocabulary in different languages, quick-witted speeches and sophisticated style makes this versatile host a very popular option for roadshows, gala dinners, award ceremonies, product launches and TV broadcasts. 
Based in: Germany
Languages he can speak: Italian, German, English, French and Spanish

Bilingual French MC

5 Reasons To Hire a Multilingual Event Host and 10 In-demand Presenters and Hosts Around the World

This charismatic event host can quickly switch between English and French in a very natural and spontaneous ways. A true expert in communications, he runs his own communication consultancy and is a regular guest host in TV, radio and talent shows. This charming event presenter feels comfortable speaking in front of small and large audiences in either of the above languages and transmitting key messages and values related to business, sports, music, etc. He started his career as a comedy magician, so he ensures any event he hosts is filled with charisma and wry humour. This friendly emcee can make audiences laugh in both French and English, which is quite an achievement taking into account how difficult it is to make people laugh even in your own language.
Based in: France
Languages he speaks: French and English


Hire Event Presenters 

The demand for multilingual event hosts around the world keeps growing and as global experts, our aim is to satisfy this need and do it to the highest standards. The above is a is a small selection from the extensive portfolio of event hosts and presenters you can hire by contacting Scarlett Entertainment. From English, Chinese and Spanish to Italian, French, Hindi, Arab, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, German, Catalan, Russian, Hindi and Marathi, our event MC comperes can communicate with audiences all around the world and make sure they feel comfortable and integrated, regardless of origin. 


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