5 of our Scariest Halloween Themed Entertainment Ideas

5 of our Scariest Halloween Themed Entertainment Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to think about when you’ll buy your pumpkins, dust off the box of costumes and start brainstorming your Halloween party ideas. We all know how to decorate a venue for a Halloween party and the shops are full of the stuff from late September. However, one of the biggest challenges is booking the best entertainment for a Halloween party. How will you make your Halloween themed event memorable? 

A brief history of Halloween 

The origins of Halloween are still somewhat unclear but vastly rumoured to originate from an old Celtic end of harvest festival called Samhain, when ghosts and spirits crossed over into our world for one night. Through many years of evolution and commercialism, the 31st October is now celebrated heavily throughout the Western world and is a great excuse to dress up in a scary costume and host a spooktacular party. 

Despite not becoming a popular celebration in America until the late 19th century, Halloween is now the second largest commercial celebration after Christmas, and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. With this in mind, it is always worth going the extra mile to impress and the best way to do so is to find some scary Halloween entertainment to give your guests shock. 

We have chosen five of our favourite Scary Halloween Entertainment options to give your guests a fright:

1. The Sacred Riana

5 of our Scariest Halloween Themed Entertainment Ideas

Anyone who is familiar with any of the iconic Japanese horror films such as The Ring and The Grudge knows that if you see a petite Asian girl with old fashioned clothes and long black hair, it will give you shivers down your spine. This incredible Indonesian magician and illusionist creates terrifying stage shows based around the mystical and supernatural. As a true testament to how good this scary entertainment option is, she is the winner of Asia’s Got Talent and a quarter-finalist of America’s Got Talent.


From moving objects through telekinesis, close-up magic and summoning spirits to grand illusions that involve zombies and possessed doppelgängers, this creepy magic show is right there at the top of our scary Halloween entertainment ideas. The acting, theatrics, props and costumes help create a blurred vision of reality enabling The Sacred Riana the bring horror to life in front or your guests. Anyone who is even remotely scared of black magic, exorcism and the supernatural will have a hard time keeping still in their seats during this performance. 

2. Frightening Clowns

There probably aren’t many walkabout acts that are as nightmare inducing than our frightening clowns. With a large proportion of the population having an irrational fear of circus clowns, these monstrous beings could have some of your guests running for the hill


This Halloween theme act is big, boisterous and bound to terrify everyone. As walkabout characters that stand on stilts and have abnormally large costumes, there is no way the Frightening Clowns will go unnoticed. If you are looking for Halloween party ideas, there are one to six of these hideous clowns available and they are one of the simplest yet most effective scary Halloween entertainment choices. 

3. Scary Musical Show

5 of our Scariest Halloween Themed Entertainment Ideas

No Halloween party is complete without music and we don’t mean spooky organ music or atmospheric graveyard sounds. Our Scary Musical Show is an original musical theatre production that takes its inspiration from Tim Burton, the ultimate creepy family-friendly entertainment pioneer. This is no stage adaptation, but a homage that features several iconic characters such as the Corpse Bride, Jack Skellington and Beetlejuice as well as several musical numbers created with music by the acclaimed composer Danny Elfman.


This fantastic musical Halloween entertainment brings the twisted gothic iconography of Tim Burton's stories to your event with recognisable characters, live music and video backdrops or stage decor. It’s the perfect spooky stage show to entertain the whole family.

4. Living Dead Drumming Show

5 of our Scariest Halloween Themed Entertainment Ideas

Now this one is great for both Day of The Dead and Halloween party ideas. If you want a thrilling, action-packed night time spectacle that takes the spectators on a ghoulish adventure through the streets, this living dead and Halloween theme act is utterly fantastic.


Offering an hour long show with scary living dead drummers, acrobatics, giant skeletons, fire, a stage based show and a firework finale, this is a terrific and terrifying immersive experience. If you’re hosting an outdoor event with a mixed audience, this is the kind of engaging entertainment for a Halloween party that covers many bases and is sure to give everyone an unforgettable night. 

5. Halloween Alice In Wonderland 

5 of our Scariest Halloween Themed Entertainment Ideas

What happens if you turn one of the most famous children’s stories into a Halloween theme act? Well, these dark Alice In Wonderland characters flip a dream-like fantasy story into a real life nightmare. The gory mix and mingle act has some of the very best high-quality costumes which will make it the most stand-out entertainment for a Halloween party.


If you are looking for themed Halloween party ideas, these rather scary characters could be used as part of a spooky Madhatter’s tea party, frightening fairytale event or as part of a flashmob. We have hundreds of costumes like this at our disposition that can be tailored especially into creepy or scary Halloween entertainment. 

Find The Best Entertainment for a Halloween Party with Scarlett Entertainment

If you want a Halloween theme act for your event you have come to the right place. With a roster of over 13,000 thousand acts we can always find the best entertainment for a Halloween party, corporate event, PR stunt or public celebration.  


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