5 Experiential Stores in New York: Sports Edition

5 Experiential Stores in New York: Sports Edition

The buying cycle doesn’t end after a purchase anymore. Customers nowadays are more demanding than ever and they expect their favourite brands to offer them not only high-quality products and services, but also to transform the exercise of shopping into an experience. 

Ranking first in CNN Travel World’s Best Shopping Cities, New York’s diversity in style and endless avenues of shops have captivated millions of visitors from all over the world. Aware of the popularity of the Big Apple among shoppers, big sports brands have recognised the Empire City as the perfect place to create interactive and immersive experiences for their customers. 



Experiential Stores to See in New York 


Nike, 529 Broadway

Situated in the very heart of Manhattan, the Nike House of Innovation is the first app-enabled sports store in the city. One of the best brand experiences in the Big Apple, the six-storey space is split into different levels with each level offering a unique and personalised experience for each type of customer. 


Providing shoppers with the best elements of visiting a physical store and shopping online, each level is equipped with mobile devices that help reduce excessive queueing and that makes the shopping journey easier and quicker. 


5 Experiential Stores in New York: Sports Edition

Image courtesy of Nike


Other innovations include the Nike Expert studio on the fifth floor, where NikePlus members are offered a personalised service: from requesting a session with an expert to creating their own personalised products and having access to limited edition footwear, this level is where Nike lovers are able to experience the brand first hand. 


Last but not least, the store entrance (the Nike Arena) features a visual and sonic installation inspired by New York. It showcases the seasonal and sports-inspired storytelling moments: the final touch to provide clients with a memorable experience. 


Adidas, 565 5th Avenue

Located on Broadway, the 5th-Avenue Adidas store opened its doors to the public in 2016. By walking through the store you can clearly see it’s not your average shop. Adidas chose an urban theme to decorate this giant building so New Yorkers and travellers visiting the store feel as if there were in an outside park in the city. 


Equipped with stadium stands for shoppers to watch games on, alongside computers and devices where they can customise their trainers and clothing, the whole sports experience makes use of the tiniest details; even the check out lines look like a box office from a stadium.


5 Experiential Stores in New York: Sports Edition

Image courtesy of New York City Travel Tips


One of the highlights of the store which makes the Adidas store one of the best customer experiences in NY is the mini track set up on one floor, perfect for a short run or to get your stride analysed. For those willing to work out a little, there is a turf field where visitors can play with football balls or use kettlebells. 


North Face, 510 5h Avenue 

The two-level store is the largest North Face shop in the world. Designed to allow customers to engage with the brand, the 5th-Avenue building offers something other buildings lack: plenty of space!


Equipped with a climbing wall where customers can test their products, the shop offers a fully immersive experience. The North Face product team worked closely with architects who ended up using many of the same materials we can find in the brand’s products. For example, the changing rooms have been modelled after the brand’s tent design and were made with the same nylon and aluminium as the real ones.


5 Experiential Stores in New York: Sports Edition

Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for The North Face


Offering items only available in this location, the 5th-Avenue North Face shop also boasts a very strong commitment with their customers and pride themselves on providing them with a fully personalised shopping experience by having on-site specialises trained in their different areas of expertise. 


Reebok (Fithub), 420 5th Avenue 

The Reebok’s 5th Avenue store is another great example of experiential marketing by retailers. A venue that is both a shop and a fithub, Reebok lovers can find the brand’s signature activewear and footwear and also enjoy in-store fitness activities. 


Entirely focused on offering shoppers and fitness lovers with professional guidance on either training or acquiring their training equipment, the shop’s recruitment policy gives priority to health experts and professional trainers who can offer far more guidance than the average salesperson. 


5 Experiential Stores in New York: Sports Edition

Image courtesy of Dave Pinter / PSFK


The shop rewards shoppers by offering items that, in principle, are only available online. Celebrating CrossFit culture and its loyal fanbase of shoppers, Reebok allows them to try out brand new products in the gym below before picking up new gear and equipment on their way out. 


House of Hoops by Footlocker, 268 W 125th St.

The world’s leading retailer of athletic footwear and apparel doesn’t lag behind when it comes to experiential marketing by retailers. As its name suggests, House of Hoops is a concept designed with basketball lovers in mind. 


A shop that first opened its doors to the public back in 2007, this Harlem store’s atmosphere is grounded in trainers’ roots on the court. This has made it internationally popular as it’s the go-to place for basketball enthusiasts looking for retro models and exclusive products and for famous basketball players to launch their new products or announce partnerships. 


5 Experiential Stores in New York: Sports Edition

Image courtesy of House of Hoops by Footlocker 


The concept is now widely popular and, as a result, several House of Hoops have been opened in cities all over the world. With Harlem being the original store, it’s not uncommon to see big events taking place there. For example, former NBA star Michael Jordan partnered with Foot Locker to create an experience based on Space Jam and the accompanying trainers. 


Hosting product launches, interviews and other happenings, Harlem House of Hoops’ events are a great opportunity for guests to meet their idols and be treated to an exclusive conversation, music, giveaways, and more!

We Help You Build Customer Experiences in NY

Are you a sports enthusiast landing in the Empire City soon? Don’t forget to pay a visit to one of our favourite experimental sports stores. 


If you’re planning to host an event in a sports store, we can help you build unique customer experiences in NY. Our team of Entertainment Experts have previously worked closely with brands such as Footlocker for a Puma product launch in Manhattan, and they will be more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise in the field to create Wow factor experiences for your customers and guests. 


Up for a chat? Email us today, we’ll reply within 24h. 



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