49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

Looking to host a unique party before the summer is over? Here are top 49 summer party themes, packed full of summer party inspiration and summer event ideas to really get you in the mood for warm weather and long nights! We can provide amazing summer entertainment to accompany all of our summertime party ideas, so sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

1) Enchanted Garden – Also ideal for Midsummer Night’s Dream summer party themes. Fill your event with flowers and nature inspired decor. Take a look at our dedicated Pinterest board.


2) Beach - There’s nothing better in summer than a beach party. Include a Beach Boys inspired band, import some sand and get everybody in their flip flops and shorts.


49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

3) Fairground – Take summer party inspiration from merry go rounds, games, bright candy strips and candy floss. 


4) Festival – Since summer is the true festival season, it is the perfect opportunity to don your wellies, dress in your most boho outfit and hold a party in a field! 


5) Sixties – celebrate the summer of love with 60s music and twiggy inspired outfits.


6) Mexican Fiesta – Nothing creates summery thoughts like the colours of Mexico. Incorporate magenta, orange and turquoise into your scheme for this party and have a look at the amazing tableware and pinatas available from Partypacks.


7) Tropical Island – Whisk guests away to a tropical island without having to fork out for expensive flights! Think palm trees, coconuts and calypso music.


8) Birds of Paradise – One of our most exotic summer event ideas, plan a party around amazing birds of paradise. This classy theme is certain to add a touch of colour to your event.


49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

9) British Tea Party – If there is one thing the Brits do well, it is a tea party! Get your doilies out and decorate with union jacks and bunting.


10) Under the Sea – How better to cool off on a hot day than going for a dip? Even better when friendly sea creatures surround you!


11) Carnival – No summer season is complete without a carnival. Make yourself a headdress, don some sequins and get in the mood.


12) Hawaiian – Aloha! Wee just love a cheeky (or should we say tiki?) Hawaiian themed party. Get a grass skirt on and start hula dancing.


49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

13) Fruit – Nothing says summer like fresh fruit! Watermelons, kiwis, bananas, pineapples, lemons and strawberries are colourful, refreshing and healthy- so why not create a party for them? Check out these fabulous fruit themed decorations from Party Kitsch.


14) Holi - YES Holi is celebrated in March which is not exactly summer but the vibrant colours provide amazing inspiration for your paint splattered event.


15) Picnic  - We just love a picnic. Get your chequered blankets out, make some fresh lemonade and enjoy a bunch of food themed performers.


16) Fourth of July – They sure know how to celebrate summer in the US so take some inspiration from our cooler neighbours and celebrate the stars and stripes with red cups, the Statue of Liberty and a game of baseball.


17) Camping – One of the best aspects of summer is camping in the great out doors. Get a camp fire on the go, melt marshmallows and hope that someone has bought a guitar with them. Have a look at this blog post for ideas!


49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

18) Water - Whether is in the form of a cold beverage, refreshing pool or you are firing it out of a super soaker, water is definitely worth celebrating during summer.


19) Star Gazing – It is rare that we get a chance to see the stars but if you are really lucky, you might get a clear summer evening! If not, artificial stars can be just as beautiful.


20) Movie Night – Outdoor cinemas are a great way to celebrate the warmer weather. Lay out blankets, fire up the projector and invite some walkabout film characters to entertain your guests


21) Hollywood Glamour – There’s nothing more refined than a Hollywood themed party. Guests can dress in their classiest dresses and you can roll out the red carpet.


22) Arabian Nights – Incorporate Middle Eastern colours, flavours and patterns with an Arabian Nights theme.


23) Surf – This theme is all about feeling as laidback as possible and channelling cool surf vibes- we expect everyone to use words like gnarly and stoked. Check out this vintage surf party for inspo.


24) Olympics – The HOTTEST theme of the summer, the Rio Olympics allow us to combine our - ahem “love” of sport with vibrant Rio carnival inspired costumes and glittering summer entertainment! 


25) African Safari – Come dressed as your favourite safari animal or organise a hilarious African safari around your venue.


49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

26) New Orleans – Not only the home of Mardi Gras but also the origin of jazz music- need we say more?


27) Backyard BBQ – Fire up the Barbie, put some summer tunes on and save room for a chilled dessert


28) 70s Hippie - Bellbottoms, sideburns and a love of funk and punk rock are all welcomed. Think flower power when decorating your venue and include 70s inspired musicians.


29) Diamonds – A sophisticated theme to bring sparkle to your event. Add extra glamour with a burlesque artist performing a Dita Von Teese inspired “Diamonds in the Buff” routine.


30) Childhood Games – If sophistication isn’t what you’re looking for, why not step back in time by paying homage to childhood instead?


31) Masquerade Ball – Whether you opt for a Venetian theme or a romantic Romeo & Juliet inspired party, masquerade balls always add a touch of mystery to events.


32) Circus – Whether you go for a Victorian circus inspired party with freakshow performers or a modern circus theme with talented acrobats and jugglers, this theme is full of endless possibilities.


33) Wimbledon – One of the highlights of summertime, Wimbledon is an easy and satisfying event theme. Guests can dress as tennis stars, you can hire a funny tennis entertainer and everyone can eat strawberries and cream.


34) Prom – A hilarious theme for grown up guests, get everyone to dress up as they did for prom, complete with crimped hair, ill fitting tuxedos and awkward mannerisms. If you're not convinced, read this article.


36) Rodeo - Get everybody to come dressed as a cowboy/cowgirl, hire a mechanical bull and book some Wild West themed entertainment .


37) Football - With the summer always being packed with football around the clock, why not celebrate man’s most loved ball sport with a lively party? Our Euro 2016 Pinterest board provides some great entertainment ideas.


38) Around the World – Show your appreciation for the vibrant cultures that make up our mad world. Everyone can bring a dish from a different culture, you can paint your faces with world flags and enjoy some international entertainment.


39) Pirate – Ahoy there me harties! Pirate parties are a fun one to get dressed up for – best served with a pint of warm grog and a fun sea shanty band.


40) Cocktail – Get guests to dress as their favourite tipple and have a flair bartender on hand to create customised cocktails for everybody.


49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

41) A bug’s life – Love them or hate them, little critters rule the roost come summer time. Welcome bugs into your event with beautiful butterfly stilt walkers and a fabulous ant orchestra.


42) Ancient Egypt – A stylish and colourful event theme: incorporate yellow ochre, royal blue and gold into your colour scheme and enjoy a fantastic, though slightly grotesque mummified aerial act!  


43) Tour de France – Another summer staple, you don’t have to be a cycle junkie to love a bit of this competition. This bicycle cabaret show can add an extra touch of something special.


44) Party Animal Party – Unlike Safari themed summer party inspiration, this category can include ANY animal so let your imagination loose.


49 Themes for your Awesome Summer Party

45) Colour Themes – Every year Pantone announce the colour combination that they are recommending for events – this year’s is Rose Quartz and Serenity – check it out! 


46) Dress Like The Weather – If you are from the UK, you will be used to the weather putting a dampener on events. However, we are suggesting you celebrate whatever weather is thrown your way- then you can’t possibly be disappointed. Here are some ideas. 


47) Vintage Swimwear – If you like to spend time parading around on the beach and never actually getting into the sea- this theme’s for you! Everyone can wear vintage swimwear and enjoy entertainment from a pair of bathing beauties.


48) Ice Cream – I scream you scream we all scream for- an ice cream themed party? Yes please! Hire an amazing nitrogen ice cream maker or have a go at making your own treats.


49) Glitter – Last but certainly not least: GLITTER is an essential for summer. Whether you are attending a festival, hosting a fabulous party or even just living life summer is all about the sparkle. So go on, glitter up!


All these summertime party ideas and many more can be catered for if your visit Scarlett Entertainment’s website. We also have a fabulous Pinterest board dedicated to celebrating all things summer! It’s time to get the party started.


__By Erin Pooley-Cooper

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