10 Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Zoom Meeting

10 Ideas for Creating The Ultimate Zoom Meeting

How can I make my Zoom meetings more engaging? 

This is a question we’re hearing a lot at the moment. 

As we enter into another week of self-isolation and another week working from home; the need for engaging social interaction is more critical for maintaining working relationships than ever before.


Here at Scarlett Entertainment, we’re working 100% remotely. Being a global business meant that we were no stranger to online meetings and we’ve worked hard over the years to integrate video calls into daily communication. 

In this post, we’re going to list our top ideas for creating the ultimate Zoom meeting that sparks creativity and encourages collaboration within teams. These ideas will offer your colleagues and clients a conference call with a difference and most importantly, make them feel connected.


Here’s our list of 10 ideas for creating the ultimate Zoom meeting. Start using these ideas and we can guarantee you'll have a conference call that engages your team and boost morale.


1. Plan ahead

As more and more people hop on the Zoom train and video calls become the norm you want to stand out from the crowd. Plan ahead and line up interactive activities to motivate and engage your team. Don’t forget to share your agenda beforehand, everyone could use something to look forward to at the moment! 


2. Meetings don’t have to be strictly business

Keep your team effective and connected with virtual team building activities. From virtual game shows to lockdown karaoke there are lots of great ways to keep up your team's morale. One of our favourite ideas is to host a virtual wine tasting for your team, let everyone relax, have a drink, and learn a thing or two about wine. It’s up to you whether this is on or off the clock... 


10 Ideas for Creating The Ultimate Zoom Meeting

3. Start off with an energiser

Energisers are a great way to help people to break out of their routine and ease out of their comfort zone. Our digital magician can join your meeting and spark out of the box thinking, your team will enjoy an exciting interactive magic show online and can even learn a trick or two using everyday objects they can find around their home.


10 Ideas for Creating The Ultimate Zoom Meeting

4. See all participants at once

Clicking on “Gallery view” in the top right-hand corner of your Zoom App allows you to see all the participants. Depending on your device you can see up to a maximum of 49 people per page. 



5. Get creative with your content 

Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so why not kick your screen share presentation up a notch by using captivating visual messaging? Transform complex ideas into easy to digest drawings or animations, these are great to share after meeting as an exciting alternative to a slide deck. 


10 Ideas for Creating The Ultimate Zoom Meeting

6. Add some comedy

People could use a laugh right about now, so why not try adding some comedy to your online meeting to lighten the mood. This is a great option for thanking people for taking part in your meeting or a nice way to thank your team for their hard work throughout this challenging time. 




7. Organise a special guest

A professional speaker can bring a real sense of occasion to your meeting and inspire your team. We recommend finding a speaker that is closely aligned with your meeting's message, that way they can personalise their talk for you and make sure the content is on-point and motivating. 




8. Add an unexpected twist to work drinks

Just because we can’t all go to the pub it doesn’t mean that we can’t all unwind with a drink after work. Get your team up and away from their desk with an online flair bartending workshop, learn how to make some tasty cocktails, and learn an impressive new party trick! 


10 Ideas for Creating The Ultimate Zoom Meeting

9. Record your meetings

The great thing about Zoom video is that you can record calls easily and use it as an on-demand asset for later. This is great when you’re catering for people across multiple time zones. As the host of the meeting all you need to do is hit the option to record. If you want to edit the video later make sure you select the option to “optimize for 3rd party video editor” in the settings menu.



10. Give participants a personalised keepsake

A personalised gift is a great way to thank people for attending your meeting and encourage sharing across social media. Our favourite ideas are giving guests stylish digital portraits created by our very talented Digital Caricaturist. Another tip here is to use the “breakout room” function within Zoom to allow people to talk one on one with the artist whilst their creation is in progress. 



Using digital entertainment in your online truly does transform the experience for your participants. Remember it’s far easier for someone to close down their computer than it is to physically leave an event. Engagement and interactivity is key to ensuring that you get the most out of your online meeting. 


For more information on how to transform your Zoom meeting and create an engaging experience using entertainment please get in touch.





__By Georgia Benham

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