Wonders of Circus Parade

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Wonders of Circus Parade
Reasons to book this Dubai Circus Parade
  • A diverse group of circus wandering characters fill your event with colour and bring a unique element of interaction

  • Colourful circus walkabout act is fun and interactive and offers a stunning photo opportunity

  • Loved by both children and adults, this Dubai circus parade will get people of all ages sharing moments on social media

  • Popular shopping mall entertainment also suitable for festivals, children’s parties, promotional events, private parties, etc.

  • This Wonders of Circus Parade is available for bookings in Dubai and worldwide

Wonders of Circus Parade photos

A unique burst of colours, Wonders of Circus Parade is a fun and fully interactive circus walkabout act loved by both little ones and adults alike.

Luxurious Hand Crafted Costumes 

Formed by various entertainers boasting beautifully crafted costumes and stunning makeup, this Dubai circus parade is guaranteed to become an instant hit at any celebration. 

Wearing costumes of all colours and different styles, this colourful group of entertainers will quickly catch the attention of your event guests. Offering a fantastic photo opportunity, they will encourage people to approach them and pose for pics and funny selfies!

On top of that, our circus wandering characters can also hand out samples of products, encourage people to enter your store and interact with them in many other ways. Available in different lineups, book as many performers you need!

Popular Shopping Mall Entertainment in Dubai

The perfect meet and greet act for your event, this Dubai circus parade adds a unique visual element to any occasion and brings an element of interaction that will keep any event dynamic. 

Our circus wandering characters can easily adapt to any space and type of event, although they enjoy great popularity among mall-goers. 

Besides being popular shopping mall entertainment in Dubai, this sensational circus walkabout act is also suitable for other events such as festivals, children’s parties, promotional events, private parties, and more. 

Enquire about this Dubai Circus Parade

If Wonders of Circus Parade is what you’ve been looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch and make an enquiry. If you’re looking for further inspiration on shopping mall acts, check our article on How to Entertain Shoppers at your Mall.