Wine Bike San Francisco

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Wine Bike Los Angeles
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A unique speciality beverage service that brings the bar to you

  • Our roaming bartender comes complete with her wine bike to ride around your event

  • This charming wine server delivers delicious wine and an interactive service that is fun and unique

  • The wine bike can be stationary or rolling

  • Based in San Francisco and available for worldwide bookings

Wine Bike San Francisco videos

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If you want a wine service brought right to you then why not hire our whimsical wine bike for the ultimate speciality beverage service. Our roaming bartender rides around on her unique wine bike, delivering delicious wine to guests without them even having to move. An interactive service that presents a wine server like no other is extremely popular at every event.

Our charming wine server can serve drinks whilst strolling around your event or can be stationary to accommodate every guest. This interactive service puts a smile on guests faces as they see our wine bike rolling towards them complete with plenty of wine glasses and beverages to ensure that your guests glasses are never empty. 

A speciality beverage service that is different to how you normally receive your alcoholic beverages is a hit at every party as our glamorous roaming bartender sees to every guest, creating a very chilled environment.

The wine bike consists of an artistic mechanical design complete with matching costume and rotating fan blades to power this old school looking bike around to every thirsty guest in sight.

A fun and fabulous form of speciality beverage service WOWs audiences and is a guaranteed hit at every event. Our roaming bartender is a delight to be served by and will ensure that every guest is seen to during the event. A wonderful and fun way of receiving drinks keeps guests entertained and adds another dynamic to any event whether it be at a wedding, party, corporate event, festival or anything inbetween. 

To book our whimsical wine bike and roaming bartender contact our Entertainment Specialists, or to see more from our speciality servers visit our Bubble Gymnasts, Aerial Bartenders and Roving Champagne Dress pages.