White Silk Aerial Show

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White Silk Aerial Show
Reasons to book this aerial circus duo
  • Aerial dancers perform an exquisite aerial spectacle on suspended white silks

  • Intricate white costumes incorporate corsetry, feathers and pearls for female aerialists with a swan-like and balletic look

  • A sophisticated and graceful aerial silks duo, our female aerialists perform to rousing classical music

  • Beautiful aerial silks for events looking to create a magical, white, sophisticated circus atmosphere

  • Based in Bristol, UK, our White Aerial Silk Show is available for international bookings

White Silk Aerial Show videos

White Silk Aerial Show photos

Creating an air of graceful sophistication, our stunning White Silk Aerial Show is a dramatic and eye-catching performance. 

Performed either as a solo act or aerial circus duo by female aerialists, our beautiful aerial dancers spin, soar and tumble through the air suspended high above the heads of their audience below. 

Fitting perfectly with any circus theme, our aerial silks for events offer a beautiful, graceful take on the breath-taking discipline.  Set to beautiful classical music, this act offers classic and elegant aerial silks for events.

Poised in mid-air, our female aerialists perform incredible feats of strength, poise and elegance as they spin their bright white silks. Suspended at vertiginous heights, our aerial circus duo create beautiful shapes with their elastic bodies, spinning their silk ribbons into web-like forms.

Dressed head to toe in intricate white costumes, our aerial dancers' outfits blend textures and incorporate corsetry, feathers and pearls for a swan-like and balletic look. A wonderful act for any magical, winter, white party theme, or sophisticated circus look, our aerial circus duo is sure to wow at VIP parties, glamorous occasions and high-end venues. 

Able to perform inside and out of doors, this aerial circus duo is at it’s most stunning when there is plenty of height from which to perform aerial acrobatics. 

Top Tip:

For an equally exquisite aerial show with a touch of attitude and disco vibe, take a look at our aerial dancers’ additional aerial acrobatics act, Golden Silk Aerialists

With over ten years’ experience performing aerial silks for events internationally, our artists’ company is sure to impress. Past clients include Glastonbury Festival, The BBC, Nokia, T-Mobile, Dubai Shopping Festival and many, many more. 

To book our White Silk Aerial Show for a graceful take on circus entertainment, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.