White Laser Show

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White Laser Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A futuristic laser performance that is a visually stunning spectacle that combines different technologies

  • This high technology show mixes classic music by Beethoven with laser and poi technology

  • Performer wears a non-illuminated white outfit for greater visual impact

  • Ideal for festivals, theatres and indoor spaces where they show can be carried out under complete darkness

  • This phenomenal White Laser Show can be booked for performances in Paris, France and worldwide

White Laser Show videos

White Laser Show photos

A combination of music and technology, this White Laser Show is visually stunning spectacle that is guaranteed to leave audiences wide-eyed and with unforgettable memories. With classic music by Beethoven in the background, a laser performer will carry out a mesmerising futuristic laser show that will leave onlookers in state of awe.

During seven minutes, audiences will be dazzled by the beauty and creativity of this high technology show. This visually stunning spectacle brings together elements of the past like classic music and futuristic technology into one stage. This combination creates a truly unique and beautiful show described by many as visual poetry.

Executed by a talented laser performer dressed in a non-luminous white outfit, this visually stunning spectacle mixes three different technologies including colour laser, poi and luminous objects in the form of ‘S’ that create extraordinary visual forms.

On top of that, the talented laser performer who executes this show is also a skilled poi spinner. Besides the surprising laser projections he plays around with, he can also build amazing poi graphics such as colourful unicorns and bright stars.

Ideal for festivals, theatres and any other indoor space that can be plunged into darkness, this White Laser Show is guaranteed to make spectators break into applause.

By booking this White Laser Show, you ensure you will bring a cutting edge technology spectacle that will surprise guests at your upcoming event and blow their minds away.

As global entertainment providers, at Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of technology shows and laser performers for events all around the world.

Ready to witness visual poetry? Then book this amazing White Laser Show, contact us today and ask to speak to one of our in-house coordinators, who will be happy to assist you and guide you through the booking process.