Wheelie Bin Remote Control

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Wheelie Bin Remote Control
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic, unique entertainment that will delight & entertain audiences of all ages

  • Each wheelie bin has its own character, personality & backstory!

  • Remote controlled by hidden operators who can also engage in conversation

  • Perfect for shopping malls, family festivals, street parades & much more

  • Book our remote controlled wheelie bins for events in the UK & worldwide

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If you’re looking for unique entertainment in the form of surprising walkaround characters, you need look no further than our remote controlled wheelie bins Sid and Nancy!

Interactive entertainment that is guaranteed to surprise, delight and engage audiences of all ages and nationalities, our fantastic high-tech wheelie bins will spin around your event causing mischief and havoc! Not just any old wheelie bins, Sid and Nancy each have their own personalities and character backstories. Fitted with a hidden two-way radio system their remote operators can also bring these fun characters to life and converse with passersby and spectators!

A hilarious comedy act that will engage audiences in a shared emotional experience facilitated by humour and conversation, this unique act is guaranteed to bring fun to your event. Your guests will be utterly shocked when a seemingly ordinary wheelie bin scoots out of their way before they can deposit their rubbish, or seem to be following them or even talking to them.

Additional extras including fitting the wheelie bins with water jets, which will squirt unsuspecting passersby, a feature that is hugely popular at summer family events and festivals.

Book our remote controlled wheelie bins for shopping malls, family festivals, summer garden parties and much more!