Wheel Of Death Stunt Act USA

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Wheel Of Death Stunt Act USA
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our thrilling wheel of death will put guests at the edge of their seats as our stunt team risks it all.

  • Amazingly talented stunt artists perform various tricks on revolving rings.

  • Exhilarating stunt acts that defy the laws of physics to create a wow factor stunt show

  • Extreme Entertainment is perfect for any size event and can be adapted to suit your events requirements.

  • Book extreme stunt shows for events across North America and worldwide.

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Providing one of the best extreme stunt shows in the world our wheel of death stunt acts are the epitome of extreme entertainment. Incredible stunt artists powered by an excellent highly trained stunt team will bring one of the most exhilarating stunt acts to your stage. Our arena display piece is a huge crowd favorite and will keep guests completely at the edge of their seats as our stunt artists put their bodies on the line. A truly unique stunt show, our famous double wheel of death features stunt entertainers jumping ropes, twirling, and whizzing around our huge revolving wheels, all to the delight of audiences.

Performing on various stages, our talented stunt display team is always working at improving their craft as they practice almost everyday when not performing to guarantee an unforgettable performance audiences wont be able to get out of their heads. Our phenomenal stunt act begins with performers entering the famed death trap running inside to pick up speed to begin its pendulum-like movements before climbing outside of the wheel running on top and around the cages creating a knockout performance that will be remembered for years.

Our stunt show is ideal for outdoor entertainment, our wheel of death stunt act can also be used for lovely indoor activities if the room is big enough. Our stunt acts can be booked solo or combined with other Scarlett Entertainment extreme performers and characters to help create an even more customizable experience that will leave guests wide eyed.

If you're interested in booking our extreme stunt shows for your next event or gathering, you should get in contact with one of the lovely Scarlett Entertainment event members who will help you finalize details for your extreme entertainment booking, and are happy to answer any and all questions you might have about our death defying stunt acts.