Wedding Photographer Geneva

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Wedding Photographer Geneva
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Always on hand, our photographer will capture the special moments of your wedding service and reception

  • This artist’s beautiful wedding photography is inspired by previous experiences as a portraitist and fashion photographer

  • Our photographer is always commended for her professionalism and the high quality of her event photographs

  • Our professional photographer has worked with clients like The Guardian, Osbourne, Vogue Pelle and Wedding & Home

  • Book Wedding Photographer Geneva for events in Switzerland and internationally

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At Scarlett Entertainment we understand that a successful event is all about the little details. From the perfect flowers to precisely chosen music for the occasion, the memories of your big day will be decided by the small moments that make it unique. However, sometimes events are so busy and so exciting that you don’t get enough time to enjoy the details; this is why event photographs are so important. One of our most talented professional photographers, Wedding Photographer Geneva is renowned for her ability to capture those important moments of an event. From following the couple around as they prepare for their big day to catching the mother of the bride as she sheds her first tear of pride, our photographer will help you to relive your special wedding service long after the day has come to an end. Though specialising in wedding photography, our experienced artist has worked across a wide range of sectors and can offer photography services for all events.

Infatuated with photography from the age of 14, our artist has always been obsessed with capturing those nuanced instances that slip past us before we have even had the chance to register them. After graduating from a combined arts degree in Manchester, our professional photographer went on to work mostly in the areas of fashion and portraiture. Moving to Milan to work heavily in the fashion industry, she then met her Swiss husband and moved to Geneva to settle down. Today focusing her skills on the area of wedding photography, our experienced artist maintains her influences from work within corporate and fashion industries to enrich the event photographs she provides for wedding services.

Closely following the proceedings as your big day unfolds, our photographer will be with you beautifully capturing everything from the pre service nerves to the rush of joy and relief of the wedding reception. Having worked with many big name publications like Vogue, The Guardian and Osbourne Publishing, our artist is widely recognised as one of the industry’s leading wedding photographers. Known for her creativity and tireless work ethic, you are certain to be delighted with this photographer’s performance on your special day. 

Also able to provide event portraits, corporate and fashion photography, please speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment today for more information about the options available from Wedding Photographer Geneva. 

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"The coolest thing, you were always with us while our wedding. Which means, the pictures explain well the story of our wedding. Photos are telling what was happening on the special day"

Yumiko & Rami's wedding