Wall Hologram Projection

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Wall Hologram Projection
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Futuristic 3D mapping creates a variety of different scenarios at your special event.

  • Stunning hologram screen can bring anything to life at your event that will delight guests.

  • Exceptional technology act that'll leave guests breathless and speechless.

  • Ideal 3D technology performance for private parties, receptions, festivals, and more.

  • Book holograms for events throughout Croatia and worldwide.

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Provide your upcoming special event or social gathering with a reality altering technology act that showcases the latest in 3D mapping, 3D technology, and a visually spectacular hologram screen! Our state of the art holograms will provide endless fun and unforgettable memories that will prove to be an instant success with your audience no matter the event theme or style. A fun and remarkable way to focus on a corporate presentation, or an interesting way to provide your guests with a dynamic live music performance! The possibilities are endless when you bring our amazing hologram screen to your special occasion. 

A sensational and mind blowing technology act that will keep your guests engaged and entertained while utilizing a variety of techniques found in different forms of 3D mapping to achieve a perfect hologram screen, that can display an assortment of different holograms to achieve immersive entertainment experiences. Showcasing the latest in 3D technology, our team of experts will help set up a presentation that will blow your guests out of their seats, keep them wide eyed, and leave them with a new outlook on the world of technology and engineering. 

Your guests will love our 3D technology experience, as our phenomenal 3D mapping creates an unlimited amount of bespoke and compelling show types that have only previously thought possible of sci fi movies. A sophisticated and flashy environment that will deliver a resounding "wow" factor experience that will help your special event achieve success. The perfect technology act for private parties, corporate functions, themed occasions, gala dinners, PR stunts, receptions, ceremonies, music festivals, and much more. Our wonderful 3D mapping experience will quickly become the highlight of your event.  

If you are interested in providing your social gathering a fun 3D technology act that is filled with holograms, contact our phenomenal Scarlett Entertainment in house team who will guide you through our booking process, ensuring you lock in your entertainment option. 

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