Walking Beethoven Drummers

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Walking Beethoven Drummers
Reasons to book this Walkabout Drummers
  • Amazing themed drummers on raised walking frames

  • Dressed like Baroque characters and able to walk with the drums

  • They perform Beethoven's 5th Symphony with a disco twist

  • Totally unusual walkabout and drumming act

  • Based in California and available all over the world

Walking Beethoven Drummers videos

Walking Beethoven Drummers photos

Amaze your guests with the totally fascinating, unique and quirky walking Beethoven drummers. These incredible walkabout drummers on stilts are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and will have the audience not only amaze, but delighted by it’s light hearted humour.

Our fun walking Beethoven drummers are a hybrid or classical music, drumming and stilt walkers creating a unique and unusual walkabout act. The two drummers are dressed like Baroque characters and, along with their Staccato drums, are mounted to large frames high above the ground. The front of the frames are on wheels and the back act like stilt meaning that these themed drummers are able to walk with the drums.

This unbelievable walkabout act usually performs to a reinvented version of Beethoven's 5th Symphony that has been given disco twist. Looking closely at the themed drummers you can actually see that their outfit lies somewhere between Baroque and disco with big white afro wigs. 

The amazing walking Beethoven drummers are available for stage shows, street parades and to walk amongst an audience becoming an unforgettable experience for any event.

Contact our team of entertainment specialists to book these walkabout drummers on stilts for your next event.