Walkabout Woodland Elves

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Walkabout Woodland Elves
Reasons to book this Christmas Entertainment
  • Magical Christmas elves for events will spread laughter and joy

  • Able to perform as living statues or mix and mingle entertainment

  • Fantastic photo opportunity for guests in their stunning costumes with metallic sheen

  • Wonderful Christmas entertainment for corporate events, public events, shopping centres

  • Based in Bristol, UK, our Walkabout Woodland Elves are available for international bookings

Walkabout Woodland Elves photos

Looking for traditional Christmas elves for events? Look no further than our Walkabout Woodland Elves whose magical costumes and mischievous faces will bring laughter and joy to your event. 

Able to perform incredible living statue performances, our Christmas elves for events look stunning placed around your event for a little festive décor. 

Standing as still as a statue in cheeky elfish poses, this Christmas entertainment creates a head-turning spectacle as guests try to work out if they are real! 

A wonderful talking point for any Christmas event or woodland theme, our living statues make brilliant photo opportunities for guests who will delight in posing next to our life-like figures.  Watch carefully to see if they’ll extend a hand or give a wink to passers-by. 

Also able to perform mix and mingle entertainment, our living statues can interact with guests and roam your event to bring some festive spirit to the most wonderful time of the year. 

Dressed head to toes in spectacular elfin costumes, our Christmas entertainment wear classic red and green for a seasonal theme. Dusted with a golden sheen that catches the light as they move, this magical mix and mingle entertainment is as magical as it is traditional. 

Perfect for family-friendly events, public events, corporate entertaining, shopping centres and more, our living statues are sure to charm audiences wherever the pose or roam. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge roster of mix and mingle entertainment and Christmas elves for events in the UK, across Europe, the US, Middle East and beyond. Discover more of our living statues for further inspiration. 

To book our wonderful Walkabout Woodland Elves to perform mix and mingle entertainment or as living statues, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who’ll be more than happy to help.