Walkabout Puppet Character

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Walking Puppet Character
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An enchanting and unique walkabout puppet character created using special effects and bespoke lighting

  • Originally commissioned by Stellar Projects for their evening event ‘Nightfall’

  • Ambient bespoke lighting transforms these wonderful characters after dusk at nightfall

  • An unusual and spectacular sight that will delight has delighted audiences of all ages

  • Based in the UK and available to book for events worldwide

Walkabout Puppet Character photos

This moon-carrying, fortune-telling, nigh-time goddess is a stunning walkabout puppet character that will enchant everyone she meets! 

Based upon Nótt - the goddess of night in Norse mythology and ancient Scandinavian pagan traditions - who personifies the night sky, this incredible walking puppet sculpture is a captivating feat of artistic mastery. With an illuminated moon perched upon her back, lightning in her hair and starlight in her robe, this Norse goddess character can walkabout events telling people’s fortunes with the use of runes and palm reading. As she only speaks Norse, she is accompanied by her English-speaking interpreter, a talking crow who sits in an enchanted tree. 

When she uses her mystical powers of sight to tell the fortunes of those that choose to interact with her, she delivers the answers with an illustrated gift - a tiny hand-drawn glimpse into how the celestial heavens affect human’s lives on earth. 

This roaming puppet and her ethereal companions are an unusual and spectacular sight that appeals to audiences of all ages. Originally created for Stella Projects for their evening event ‘Nightfall’, these delightfully enchanted characters have continued to be hugely popular with family audiences and never fail to draw crowds wherever they roam. Despite being half-size, this beautiful Norse goddess of the night can be picked out in a crowd from the gentle sway of the moon she carried on her back, as well as her tall tree companion! 

Operated by professional cleverly hidden puppeteers - Nótt’s manipulator is concealed in the moon she carried on her back, whilst the crow is operated by a puppeteer hidden inside the tree - these characters are incredibly realistic and great fun to interact with. 

With all the bespoke ambient lighting incorporated into their costumes, this Norse fortune teller and walkabout tree are best displayed at night when their lighting is most effective. However, they do still look wonderful during the day time. 

Get in contact with our entertainment co-ordinators to find out more about booking this unique walkabout puppet sculpture for your next event.