Walkabout Projection Act

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Walkabout 3D Projection Act
Reasons to book this Projection Act
  • Encouraging guests to open their eyes and look differently at their environment, this dreamy act will surprise and delight event attendees

  • Using cutting edge technology and hand gestures, this amazing walkabout act projects vibrant animated images in any space

  • Our digital puppeteers can project everything from animals and people to company logos and beautiful patterns

  • Previous clients include BBC 2, Vivienne Westwood, Adidas, Jean Paul Gaultier and the Chemical Brothers

  • Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

Walkabout Projection Act videos

Walkabout Projection Act photos

A completely one of a kind video projection system, our Walkabout Projection Act uses cutting edge technology and hand gestures to create digitally animated graffiti in any space. 

Described as ‘visual puppetry’, Scarlett Entertainment UK’s amazing act employs video game technology to project vivid animations of anything from animals and bodies to logos and patterns. Encouraging witnesses to engage with their environment and look at conventional spaces in a new light, the visuals aim to surprise and delight onlookers. 

Able to be concealed from guests, a miniature projector will be worn by the digital puppeteer who will control the movements of the animation through hand movements alone. 

Moving freely through your venue, the hallucinogenic projections will interact with guests, creating a buzz as people explore the moving images which have appeared as if by magic. 

A truly exceptional high tech entertainment option, it is no surprise that our Walkabout Projection Act has already been used in a wide variety of creative and exciting ways. For example, the world famous Chemical Brother’s hired the act to create spectacular visuals for their film ‘Don’t Think’, and On | Off asked the entertainers to create a projected fashion show for BBC Two's 'Hair' programme. 

Having been hired for ballet shows, fashion events, DJ sets, promotional functions, product launches, award shows and much more, the possibilities of this projection act are truly endless. Working with each client to create spectacular bespoke shows featuring branding, provocative images or beautiful designs, let your imagination loose and inspire guests at your event.

Top Tip!

  • 3D characters can be created especially for you, or existing characters can be adapted to reflect a brand or company colours. 
  • Offering a wide range of performance packages, from a single 2D animation and performer to 3D animations and puppeteers, speak to our expert team at Scarlett Entertainment UK today to find out more about the different entertainment options available for your special occasion

To book this highly interactive walkabout projection act contact our Entertainment Specialists, or to see more visit our Fashion Body Mapping and 3D Interactive Projection pages.


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