Walkabout Mummy Entertainers

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Mummified Matrons
Reasons to book this halloween entertainment
  • Our Egyptian mummies are a hilarious comedy duo that will interact with passers-by

  • Acting like stereotypical overbearing mothers, our Egyptian mummies will police their audience to look, dress, and behave properly in public

  • Fantastic original walkabout characters perfect for Halloween entertainment and events

  • Silly and a little scary, our comedy duo are great for street theatre and family-friendly entertainment

  • Based in Bristol, UK, our Walkabout Mummy Entertainers are available for international bookings

Walkabout Mummy Entertainers photos

Guaranteed to get people laughing with their mothering antics, our Walkabout Mummy Entertainers are highly original and hilarious walkabout characters. 

Having left the tomb on a mission to instil some good old-fashioned advice and order on society, our comedy duo will be interacting with their audience in no time! 

This hilarious concept sees our walkabout characters cross Egyptian mummies with the exaggerated behaviour of stereotypical mothers. Full of advice and well-meaning comments, our Walkabout Mummy Entertainers will police their audience to ensure everybody looks, behaves, and dresses properly in public at your event with hilarious comedic effect!

Dressed in unravelling bandages with pastel twinsets, hats, reading glasses, handbags, and sensible heels, our comedy duo creates a very funny Halloween entertainment spectacle as they roam your event. Eye-catching and novel, our mothering duo's costumes are sure to draw in the crowds and make a wonderful photo opportunity for guests.

Inspired by Mrs Doubtfire, guests will love our Egyptian mummies’ jovial manner and delight in witnessing their friends and family scolded in a friendly way for their social slip-ups. A fantastic family-friendly walkabout for a range of events and street theatre in need of original Halloween entertainment. The perfect match for corporate entertainment, public events, Halloween celebrations, autumn festivals, shopping centres, historical themes and more.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge range of walkabout characters ready to amuse and delight audiences with comedic characters and interaction. Discover more of our Halloween entertainment for scary, funny and friendly acts to suit any event in the UK, across Europe, the US, Middle East and beyond.

To book our Walkabout Mummy Entertainers for your next special event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who will be happy to help with all of your Halloween entertainment queries.