Walkabout Dancing Cats

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Walkabout Dancing Cats
Reasons to book this Walkabout Act
  • Unique white cat walkabout performers or stage show with stunning costumes

  • Available as a walkabout act or delivering a choreographed dance routine

  • The walkabout act is brilliant for engaging with guests and is a great photo opportunity

  • Able to perform at any location, any time of the year

  • Based in Moscow and available for events all over the world

Walkabout Dancing Cats videos

Walkabout Dancing Cats photos

Cats are an important part of Russian folklore and the Moscow based walkabout dancing cats represent this purr-fectly. These cheeky felines are perfect for interacting with an audience and delivering surprise dance routines. These themed flashmob dancers are sure to turn heads wherever they go and a wonderful addition to many event types. 

The fantastic white cats walkabout act is a team of five animal performers with stunning costumes. A key aspect of the walkabout dancing cats’ outfits is the in-build lights that make them really stand out during evening performances. They are available to book simply as white cats or wearing traditional Russian dress. This walkabout act is suitable for all audience types and can take place indoor or outdoors at any time of the year, weather conditions permitting. 

Our visually captivating walkabout dancing cats offer different interactive entertainment options. First and foremost, they are am exceptional head-turning walkabout act guaranteed to captivate any audience’s attention. Fun for kids and adults alike, the animal performers engage with guests and always become a photo opportunity. Secondly, they are themed flashmob dancers able to deliver exciting dance routines in any location at any event and thirdly, book them as a culturally rich stage show.  

Suitable for everything from flashmob routines to meet and greet, the animal performers can also fit extremely well into white themed events. 

If you would like to get your claws stuck into the walkabout dancing cats and book them for interactive entertainment at your event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.