Walk Around Ostriches

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Walk Around Ostriches
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Beautiful ostrich-like creatures are a enchanting addition to any event

  • Spectacular interactive walk around street entertainment

  • The ostriches will amaze and astonish people of all ages

  • Can be accompanied by a percussionist who uses various instruments

  • Based in Amsterdam & available to perform at events worldwide

Walk Around Ostriches videos

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You can't overlook these beautiful ostrich-like creatures. They walk on fearlessly and with a candid look, they overview the world. Their riders seem to have grown together with these strong, elegant ratites, but who is in charge of whom?

Created with astounding attention to detail, these curious creatures are a enchanting addition to any occasion and are guaranteed to turn heads.

The Show
Accompanied by a percussionist who uses various instruments, the ostrich finds a large egg in an open area. Is he going to meet one of his own kind at last or isn’t it an ostrich egg after all? Curious he moves around it. Finally when the egg hatches, something happens no one had expected.