Walk Around Detectives

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Walk Around Detectives
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Street entertainers have performed 800 times in 45 countries

  • Quartet of funny giant "detectives" with stretchy 3m neck

  • Bumbling interactive detectives amaze audiences with their funny antics

  • Previous clients include Utah Arts Festival, La Strada, Ridge Festival

  • Based in France and available to perform at events worldwide

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The Walk Around Detectives are composed of four giant, identical characters with necks that can stretch up to 3 meters. Dressed in Coats, waterproof boots, these gentle giants will surely amuse as they amaze audiences with their funny antics and over the top reactions.

This France based quartet of walk around comedians have long been in the business of street entertainment. They have logged in a considerable 15 years of performance, touring around 45 countries in over 800 shows. The concept - giant, bumbling detectives who roam around the city streets to make sure no criminal minds go unchallenged. The idea is to provide an interactive type of entertainment that will keep audiences amused for hours.

Perfect for festivals, corporate events, street shows, school activities, and carnival-type events. These Walk Around Detectives have travelled Europe, USA, and Asia, bringing with them their brand of interactive fun. Regular clients include corporations, city governments, amusement parks just to name a few. For a number of their clients, Walk Away Detectives offer a unique and refreshing type of entertainment that is both fun and engaging.

Festival al Carrer Tarrega Spain
Ridge Festival Missing, Cahors, France
Festival of Holzminden, Germany
Au Bonheur des Mômes, Le Grand Bornand, France
Arts Festival, Galway, Ireland
La Strada, Graz, Austria
Equinox, Noumea
Festival Deventer, Netherlands
Festival Perth Australia
Tête à Tête Festival, Raastatt, Germany
Utah Arts Festival, Salt Lake City, USA
Festival Les Folies, Maubeuges, France
Festival Bursts Off, Aurillac, France
Street Theatre Festival in Lisbon, Portugal
Street Festival, Leeds Stockton, UK
festivals and Sendengaya Ueno, Tokyo, Japan (2 times)
Festival of Street Theatre, Lafayette, USA
Street Theatre Festival, Houston, USA
Straßentheater, Ingolstadt, Germany (4 times)
Great Tide, St Nazaire, France
Theatre Festival Street, Luxembourg City
Performance of actors, Cannes, France
Just for Laughs Festival, Montreal, Canada (2 times)
Tollwood festival, Munich, Germany
Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland
Lowlands Festival, Flevoland, Netherlands
Jazz under the apple trees, Coutances, France
Rock, Bexhill, UK Festival
Folkfestival Dranouter, Belgium
Mimos, Périgueux, France
International Puppet Festival, Erfurt, Germany
UNIMA Festival, Magdeburg, Germany
World Festival puppet, Charlevilles Mezieres, France  
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, Great Britain
European Theatre Festival, Grenoble, France
Opening of The Radiant season, Lyon, France
Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven, USA
National Theater, London, UK
Hogmanay, Edimburg, UK Festival
St. Patrick's, Dublin, Ireland
World Cup Soccer 98, France
Expo 98, Lisbon, Portugal
Feast of the Swiss Confederation, Geneva, Switzerland
Feria de Nimes, France
New Year's Eve, New Castle, UK
Francophonie Festival, Ottawa, Canada
Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
Carnival Milan, Italy
Carnival in Nice, France
Company party Skyline Radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Event Radio, Karlsruhe, Germany
Festival Hep Five, Ozaka, Japan
Fires, Figueres, Spain
Fiesta Major, Castellon, Spain
Holidays Ghent, Belgium
Festival Geneva, Switzerland
Parc Asterix, France
Alton Tower, London, UK
Turning clip MC Solar, Paris, France
Circus Krone Munich Germany