Walk Around Aliens

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Walk Around Aliens
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Like in a trance these sheer size blue ‘Aliens’ wander around the crowds

  • Spectacular interactive walk around street characters

  • These curious creatures are a enchanting addition to any occasion

  • Performed at numerous renowned international festivals

  • Based in Holland & available to perform at events worldwide

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This international street theatre group were established in 1991 and combine various disciplines of performing arts including dance, music and circus, with stunning visual representations. Their spectacular performances have a narrative character and are best described as magical and hypnotic. This atmosphere is supported by the representation of almost mythical characters, somewhat recognizable by their archetypal appearance and enlarged costumes. The style of play is interactive, surprising and straight: the performers on stilts move among the audience that is immersed in the world of the performance.

The company has been invited by numerous renowned international festivals to perform as opening or final act. All of their productions have one thing in common; Visually strong street theatre without the limitation of age, language or even cultural boundaries.

Curious creatures stick out their neck

Like in a trance these sheer size blue ‘Aliens’ wander around the crowds. From high above these “longnecks” are watching down at you. There is no way you will miss them, when they start marching into the crowd. Their approach is friendly and prudent, but they surely are curious. Their long, long fingers are ticklish and their tall heads keep on nodding. Suddenly, they freeze to a halt, and tracking their leader calls they proceed in a stunning slow motion.