Violin & Acrobat Storytelling

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Violin & Acrobat Storytelling
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Sensational musical stage shows will captivate guests of all ages, leaving them breathless.

  • Acrobatic shows provide an instant wow factor creating unforgettable memories.

  • Highly trained violinist creates phenomenal atmosphere building instrumental music.

  • Remarkable acrobat performers capture the attention of audiences at corporate events, private parties, and more.

  • Book unique entertainment to entertain guests across Germany and worldwide.

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Hire our outstanding violinist and acrobat performers who're ready to bring fantastically crafted unique entertainment straight to your special occasion. Our musical stage shows are comprised of our beautiful violinist who'll take the stage dressed in a wonderfully created costume that'll invoke imagination as if watching a fairy tale story come to life, and our fantastic acrobat who's moves will captivate on sight. Our wonderful acrobatic shows are accompanied by a towering construction of bows and breath taking sounds as our unique performers perform various acrobatic feats of strength, elegance, and beauty, revolving around each other and the beautiful instrumental music being created.

Our wonderful acrobat performers will create a dazzling sculpture made of our violinists' discarded bows, creating a marvellous tower of dreams. The impressive creation is composed of 12 violin bows, and is made to represent the wings of our sensational violinist. Guests will be dazzled by our acrobatic shows, talking about them for months, building unforgettable memories with our performers throughout the duration of their performance. Our musical stage shows represent love and magic, as the music being created is fragile and our acrobatic routine builds off that weakness to create something amazing. Our unique entertainment option is sure to bring an instant wow factor the moment they hit the stage,

Always practicing their unique routines, our lovely performers embody the teachings of Yin and Yang into their performance to give guests a fun and interactive way of seeing that force in motion. A very versatile act, our emotionally touching ensemble can fit within most themes and styles, to provide your performance with a unique touch.

If you're interested in booking our sensational violin and acrobat storytelling team for your next special event or gathering, contact Scarlett Entertainment team specialists today who'll help guide you through our booking process, and answer all questions you might have regarding our unique entertainment.