Vintage Swing Dancers London

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Vintage Swing Dancers London
Reasons to book this vintage swing dancers
  • Our vintage swing dancers are one of the UK’s premier providers of vintage swing dance entertainment through performance, music, instruction and choreography

  • Swing dancers create fabulous atmosphere with a vintage twist

  • Provide a range of services that can carer to all needs and can be tailored to suit specific requirements

  • Can be booked to perform high energy dance routines as well as being booked to teach swing dance lessons to guests

  • Based in London and available for worldwide bookings

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Bring your event to life with our vintage swing dancers and watch as your guests swing their hips and jive the night away as our dancers take to the stage. Based in London, our 1920s themed dancers are one of the UK’s premier providers of vintage swing dance entertainment through performance, music, instruction and choreography. Creating a fabulous atmosphere with a vintage twist this is 1920s themed entertainment at its finest. 

With extensive experience entertaining audiences and crowds, our swing dancers are experts in every aspect of the vintage world with all members being teachers, DJs and professional performers.

Guaranteed to impress guests at every occasion our swing dancers bring a high energy, high impact atmosphere that is highly contagious and immensely entertaining. Perfect for all events whether it be a corporate event, private party, wedding, 1920s themed event or Great Gatsby themed occasion. 

With a range of vintage-inspired services on offer our specialists offer the following options:

1.    Performance 
An amazing, high energy Lindy Hop performance that is immensely entertaining and guaranteed to be a hit with audiences of all ages. Whether you desire two dancers or the whole dance troupe, our performs can perform several routines in a variety of styles to provide a spectacular performance. Having performed for companies such as Hermes, Vogue, Buckingham Palace, Universal Pictures, BBC, ITV and more, this brilliant dance show is of the highest calibre.

2.    Lessons 
A fantastic way to get people up and dancing with your live band, our performers can learn to dance like a jitterbug from the 40s or a flapper of the 1920s. Perfect for breaking the ice, encouraging guests to dance and ensuring that everyone is having a brilliant time.

3.    Vintage Music
Whether it’s the distinctive crooning of Louis Armstrong or catchy numbers from Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, swing music is a fantastic way to create a happy and buzzing atmosphere at an event. Boasting a DJ set that can perform over the course of the entire evening, there is no need to worry as your entire entertainment is covered allowing you and your guests to enjoy yourselves thoroughly.

4.    Choreography
Not only do our professionals boast incredible professional dancers but also experienced choreographers who can create original and authentic dancing that is historically accurate and exciting to watch. Specialising in dance styles from the 20s o early 1990s animal dance fads and one step ballroom dancing.

To book our exciting vintage swing dancers or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists.