Video Mapping with LED Screens

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Video Mapping with LED Screens
Reasons to book this video mapping performance
  • Visually stunning video mapping performance beautifully combines dance with technology with giant LED screens

  • Graphics displayed and dancer’s choreography are perfectly synchronised with music

  • Video mapping graphics are projected onto moving LED screens, creating a metaphor for the relationship between man and technology

  • Ideal dance with technology act for ceremonies, galas, product launches, promotional events, festivals, etc.

  • This Video Mapping with LED Screens show is available for bookings in France and worldwide

Video Mapping with LED Screens videos

Video Mapping with LED Screens photos

Amaze audiences at your event, product launch, gala, ceremony or any other special occasion with this Video Mapping with LED Screens, a visually stunning video mapping dance show that is guaranteed to leave people talking for years to come.

Performed by a creative dancer that perfectly coordinates his moves with the graphics projected onto moving LED screens, this video mapping dance show is a spectacular display of colour and shadows you can’t afford to miss.

Fully customisable, this 3D mapping with LED screens show can be tailored with logos or any other type of branding, which makes this video mapping performance perfect for promotional events. An innovative way to advertise your brand, this original dance with technology can help put your brand on the map or increase your brand awareness at live events.

Our dancer and choreographer and his team will ensure the music choices are the adequate for each type of event and that each song is perfectly synchronised with the graphics displayed and the choreography. A video mapping dance that beautifully combines dance with technology, this video mapping performance is a metaphor for the relationship between man and technology.

Suitable for a broad range of celebrations, 3D video mapping with LED screens is the perfect dance with technology entertainment option for big celebrations like opening ceremonies, product launches, exhibitions, festivals, etc. Whatever the occasion, this spectacular video mapping dance never fails to impress.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of video mapping performances for events and occasions in France and all over the world.

Is this Video Mapping with LED Screens a show you’re interested in booking? Then get in touch with our wonderful team of Entertainment Coordinators. They will be delighted to answer all your questions about this video mapping dance show and assist you in the booking process.