Video Mapping Dance Shows

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Video Mapping Dance Shows
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fully bespoke video mapping shows can be created especially for your event and your theme

  • Performed by one, two or numerous dancers, there are flexible lineup options to choose from

  • Specialists in digital projections can create fully customised visuals and incorporate your logo or branded image

  • Perfect technology and branded entertainment for product and brand launches, promotional events, festivals, opening acts, ceremonies and more

  • These Video Mapping Dance Shows are available for bookings across France and worldwide

Video Mapping Dance Shows videos

Video Mapping Dance Shows photos

If you’re looking brand reveal entertainment ideas to surprise guests at your upcoming event, look no further. Bespoke video mapping shows are the perfect way to convey a message, communicate your brand values or vision or simply launch a new product!

Endless customisation options available 

A team of video mapping experts have joined forces with experienced dancers to offer unique and visually stunning video mapping shows. 

Perfectly coordinated with the projections, our dancers’ routines are enhanced and supported by moving visuals. Both our digital specialists and performers are committed to working closely with you to come up with original ideas for video mapping dance performances so your message is communicated effectively. 

Able to fully customise their video mapping shows, our experts can incorporate elements like logos or a specific type of typo and message. On top of that, they can create personalised graphics and other visuals to make upon request. 

The go-to brand reveal entertainment 

An original way to tell a story or reveal a logo, video mapping dance shows are the perfect mix of the latest technology and storytelling. Executed by two (or more) dancers, logo reveal shows are the go-to option for corporate events, product launches, conferences, trade shows, etc,

Also suitable for other event types, video mapping shows can also be a great choice for weddings, private parties, festivals, fashion shows, and more. Fully tailored to your needs, these performances can also be personalised by adding music of your choice, customising graphics with your brand colours, etc.

Get in touch, request a quote 

Contact us today to request a quote if you’re interested in booking Video Mapping Dance Shows for your event. You can also find out more about how brands use technology to increase brand awareness by exploring our Ideas Blog.