Video Mapping Barcelona

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Video Mapping Barcelona
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Spectacular 3D video mapping creates dazzling custom made displays

  • Unique and cutting edge video mapping technology lets you fit your display to any surface- buildings, cars, landscapes and much more!

  • 3D event mapping lets you bring a stunning digital display to your product launch or deliver your key advertising messages in unparalleled style

  • Amazing 3D video projection has been used by the lives of Hyundai, Jaguar, Chevrolet and LG

  • Incredible video projection available for events, ceremonies and product launches worldwide

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Book our incredible 3D video mapping for a stunning visual display to amaze guests at your event. This incredible video mapping performance uses state of the art technology to create dazzling displays that can be mapped onto any surface you desire. The options for this fantastic 3D event mapping are endless as are the range of images and ideas to display. Our 3D video projection is perfect for creating an eye catching spectacle to open or close festivals and parties, product launches and corporate events of all kinds, and this stylish and dynamic technology can help display your company branding and advertising messages in a unique and impressive way. Guests will be blown away by the sheer visual thrill of our magnificent video projection and this cutting edge technology is perfect for creating that wow-factor display at events worldwide.

Our innovative video mapping technology lets you warp and mould your images to fit perfectly to any irregular shape. The possibilities for this 3D video mapping are as broad as your imagination as it enables you to transform buildings, landscapes, cars and almost anything else into a screen for you to display your videos. Create a powerful visual statement at opening parties and ceremonies by turning the building into a vibrant and colourful light display, or provide a stunning backdrop for events and festivals with this unique and adaptable 3D video projection service.

This video projection technology is ideally suited to the corporate world. Transform your product launch with a dazzling digital display that maps to the exact contours and shape of your product, or create a dynamic backdrop to your presentation that highlights your key messages in spectacular style with this amazing 3D event mapping. 

Scarlett Entertainment brings you all the latest video mapping techniques and services to brighten up any event.

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