Victorian Stilt Lady & Aviator

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Victorian Stilt Lady & Aviator
Reasons to book this themed walkabout act
  • Glamourous candy lady and Victorian aviator make heads turn and look up to the sky!

  • Victorian stilt walkers roam around your venue interacting with both little ones and adults

  • Happy to perform both indoors and outdoors, pose for photos, hand out samples of products, etc.

  • Perfect circus roaming act for themed events, children’s parties, festivals, shopping malls, parades, etc.

  • These Victorian Stilt Lady and Aviator are available for bookings in Madrid, Spain and all over the world

Victorian Stilt Lady & Aviator videos

Victorian Stilt Lady & Aviator photos

If you’re looking for an entertainment option that makes heads turn and look up to the sky, then look no further. These Victorian Stilt Lady and Aviator are guaranteed to become the focal point at your event and get people talking and taking pictures!

A circus themed act that both children and their parents love, these Victorian themed characters quickly win people over with their stunning costumes and playful personalities. Roaming around your event making friends and posing for photos, these stilt characters truly stand out from the rest.

An act that doesn’t involve verbal communication, this walkabout entertainment option is ideal for events with international guests. Extremely friendly, these Victorian stilt walkers can keep little ones engaged and entertained with different games and activities.

Our Victorian themed characters can also be perfect for corporate and promotional events. Happy to hand out samples of products, our candy lady and Victorian aviator can help you promote brand or new product especially among children!

A popular circus roaming act for a variety of occasions, our Victorian stilt walkers are the perfect themed walkabout act for themed events, children’s parties, festivals, shopping malls, parades, and many more! Whatever the occasion, these circus performers will be more than happy to adapt to different performance spaces and entertain your guests both indoors and outdoors.

Top Tip:

Victorian stilt walkers can be booked as a duo and also individually. They can also offer the following acts: White Victorian Characters, Steampunk walkabout characters, Cabaret Circus Performers and Black and White Jugglers.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of themed walkabout acts for events and occasions in Spain and all over the world.

If you’re interested in booking our Victorian Stilt Lady and Aviator, then contact us today and make an enquiry. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have about these Victorian themed characters and guide you through the booking process.