Victorian Magic Duo

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Victorian Magic Duo
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Time-travelling magicians come from Victorian era to show you their phenomenal show

  • Comic and light-hearted show can be adapted for adults and kids

  • Featuring stage magic and close-up magic, as well as array of other tricks

  • Brilliant costumes and facial hair

  • UK-based act available for bookings worldwide

Victorian Magic Duo videos

Victorian Magic Duo photos

Book our astonishing time-travelling magicians, who have belted forward from the 1800s to give us a taste of their Victorian themed close-up magic in the form of a variety of stage shows. Whatever the occasion, this comic magic duo will have you splitting your sides and gaping in wonder. 

The duo offer a full stage show with grand, imperial set dressing which creates the drawing room of a Victorian house. This hour-long extravaganza sees them engage volunteers with all manner of humorous tricks which utilise their unique gift of time travel. A smaller version of the same, hour-long show is available for smaller venues or more modest budgets.

The vaudeville is not lost on this close-up magic duo, as much of their act is performed silently and to a very Victorian soundtrack; however they also include a great deal of verbal comedy in their shows, perfectly embodying the gentlemanly extravagance of the Victorian era. 

With successes up and down the country, this act are going from strength to strength and can be booked for venues from theatre spaces to corporate events. They also offer a dedicated children’s show, focusing on creating a sense of wonder, mystery and curiosity around the Victorian theme. 

Their unusual act provides all of the magical flavour you’d want from a magic stage show whilst bringing the high-class themes of the Belle Epoque with them. Take a look at their videos to get a taste of the type of magic they can offer audiences and give your event some old-world decadence. In perfectly-observed costumes and with facial hair that has won them fame on its own terms, this act are a superb and light-hearted magic act guaranteed to win audience’s hearts.

Top Tip:

This duo's Victorian Magic Act for children is a magic show especially designed for younger audiences (and childish grown-ups). Check it out and contact our team of Entertainment Experts if you would like to book it or if you have any questions.

To book, contact our team of dedicated entertainment professionals today.