Vertical Video Performance

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Vertical Video Performance
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Virtual interactive video set where 2D projections & 3D acrobats combine

  • Extremely fun & spectacular interactive visual comedy which will amaze

  • Performers are transformed into comics & 1980s videogame characters

  • A unique and innovative form of performing arts

  • Based in Italy & available to perform worldwide

Vertical Video Performance videos

Vertical Video Performance photos

This new Vertical Video Performance show takes place around a 50m² screen lifted by a crane.  The story is projected on the screen, and develops around the performers’ actions. The result is a VIRTUAL AND INTERACTIVE video set!

Drama, video sets and physical elements combine in a visual comedy show where 2D projections are combined with 3D acrobats and actors, producing a truly unique effect.  As they are drawn into a world of comics and animated film, the two protagonists go on an adventurous trip balanced between the fictitious nature of the drawings and the pseudo-reality of a pc that projects the images.

The computer itself becomes a character, as a deus-ex-machina, intervening and projecting the two heroes on its desktop, transforming them into 1980s videogames characters.