Verity Indoor Aerial Drones

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Verity Indoor Aerial Drones
Reasons to book this Indoor Drone Show
  • This is the world's leading indoor aerial drones specialists creating permanent installations, one-off grand scales events and touring shows

  • Fully customised indoor drone shows specifically tailored to the clients' vision to create and one-of-a-kind experience

  • Worked on events with Cirque de Soleil, Metallica, Drake, NY Knicks, Celine Dion and hold a Guinness World Record for a show with 160 drones

  • Specialist designers can create bespoke flight-tested costumes to completely transform the drones include stunning UV options

  • Brings an instant WOW factor to an event or stage show and completely transforms it into something unique and memorable

Verity Indoor Aerial Drones videos

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Verity Indoor Aerial Drones and the world-leaders in indoor drone show entertainment. They have developed to the technology and creative design to offer WOW factor entertainment for events all over the world. 

World-renowned indoor drone shows

From TEDx to breaking Guinness World Records with BT to touring shows with Metallica and Celine Dion, the indoor drone shows have been seen in over 20 countries and witnessed by audiences of thousands. Having worked with huge music icons and for unique live installations, this aerial drone provider is the go-to for grand-scale events.

Customised indoor aerial drone show

If you're looking to bring the WOW factor to your event then look no further. All indoor drone choreographies are specifically tailored to each and every event with the intent of making each one unique in its own right. The choices are incredible and range from tailored flight patterns and colour schemes to displaying a logo in the air to dressing the drones in custom-made costumes so that they don't even look like drones anymore. 

Drone shows with high-end client experience

These indoor drone shows have no boundaries in creativity which has led to and wide range of impressive custom choreographies 

  • USI Events Conference - 15 micro drones in illuminated lampshade costumes
  • Royal Caribbean's "Spectrum of the Seas" - Verity developed a choreography that flies out over the audience to illuminate the guests with intense red light
  • The Dubai Mall - 44 micro drones circling a giant LED tower to celebrate the Dubai Mall’s 10 Year anniversary
  • Metallica 2017-2019 tour - 99 Mirco drones swarming the band during their song Moth into Flame 
  • Drake - 88 drones with two appearances during his set in special choreographies
  • RSA Conference - 32 micro drones danced in harmony with 3 opera singers
  • NYK Pre-Game Show - synchronised routine with 16 dancers and their LED costume
  • Cirque du Soleil's Paramour Broadway Show - Drones dressed to look like lampshades
  • Guinness World Record with BT UK - Customised patterns in the air followed by 160 drones creating two intersecting waves before forming a ring around the new BT logo

Book a unique indoor drone show for your event

Speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment if you're looking to bring the WOW factor to your event or interested in an epic production where we combine these amazing indoor drone shows with some other entertainment options.