Veniamin's Eyes

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Veniamin's Eyes
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible human slinky act will dazzle audiences with bizarre choreography and colourful slinky costumes

  • Veniamin’s eyes is the original human slinky act that’s been amazing audiences since 1997

  • Colourful and quirky slinky act will mesmerise children and adults alike

  • Outrageous slinky dance has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and at special events for Warner Bros, Disney and many more

  • Unique and fun filled dance show available worldwide

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Book Veniamin’s Eyes and bring something totally unique and incredible to your event. This one of a kind human slinky duo performs a colourful and wacky dance routine that promises to be a mesmerising and unforgettable sight.

Our slinky act features two performers dressed in multi limbed slinky suits with giant eyes at each end, creating bizarre otherworldly monsters that dance and twist in impossible shapes. Guests will be enthralled by the amazing sight of our fantastic slinky dance and the wacky neon colours and shapes they make. For a totally unique dance show that promises to give audiences a taste of the unexpected, our human slinky dance show is the perfect choice.

Veniamin’s Eyes is brought to you by the original creator of the human slinky act who has been dazzling and bewildering audiences with his madcap inventions since 1997. His unusual and strangely captivating slinky acts have appeared all over the world, from regular performances at NBA half time shows, theatres and cabaret nights around the USA to appearances on international TV including a legendary appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

This incredible slinky dance has also appeared at theme parks and circuses as well as at special events for Warner Brothers, Comedy Central and Disney. This fun filled and lively act will amaze adults and children alike with its unique and dazzling choreography as the giant slinkies twist and spin about, looking like mysterious underwater denizens or aliens for outer space with their giant eyes and many limbed bodies.

This totally off the wall dance show is the perfect entertainment for giving audiences something totally original and full of fun and energy. 

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