Venezuela Circus Performer

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Venezuela Circus Performer
Reasons to book this ACT
  • High octane Venezuela circus performer boasts thrilling event entertainment packed with daring stunts and routines

  • A specialist in aerial gymnastics and acrobatics this world class circus performer has been performing for over 15 years

  • Currently performs work in Circo Venezuela, The National Circus Company and is a professor at the university National Experimental of the arts

  • Perfect for corporate events, private parties, circus themed events, family friendly occasions and more

  • Based in Venezuela and available for worldwide bookings

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A Venezuela Circus Performer who boasts unforgettable event entertainment astounds audiences of all ages with top class routines that are packed with daring stunts, slick choreography and mesmerising aerial choreography. Guaranteed to impress all audiences with his gravity defying choreography, this exceptional circus act offers unforgettable memories of your event and is the perfect event entertainment option for any occasion looking to bring the excitement of the circus to their guests.

With over 15 years of experience wowing audiences all over the world our acrobat studied at the acrobatic arts school of Wuqiao (People's Republic of China), certifying internationally there in three circus numbers and in the school of circus arts and acrobatics of the Caribbean. 

He was also a high-performance federated sportsman who belonged to different state teams from 1999 to 2004 in Kenpo and practiced Artistic Gymnastics. He has participated in festivals, conventions, cultural congresses, community works, circuses and relevant scenarios inside and outside the country for example the Circo Cirba International Festival 2014. 

Currently performing in Circo Venezuela and The National Circus Company our exciting Venezuela Circus Performer is not only a brilliant acrobat but is also a professor at the university National Experimental of the arts in the subjects History, Genealogy and Genology in the circus arts, safety techniques in the Circus Arts and Circus Gymnastics. 

Dedicated to the design, realisation and installation of tents, devices and circus devices, this brilliant circus act ensures that every detail is thought about at your event from the set design to the routines, our circus performer ensures that your event is one to remember.

Performing with knifes, ropes, aerial trapeze and more this exceptional circus act boasts fun for the whole family as he wows with slick routines and impressive stunts. Perfect for corporate events, private parties, themed events, circus inspired celebrations and more. 

To book our Venezuela Circus Performer or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.