UV Stage Show

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UV Stage Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Suitable for a wide range of venues as it doesn’t need to be carried out under completely dark conditions

  • Logos, brands or pictures can be included in the performance if required

  • UV lights and acrobatic equipment can be provided

  • Shows can be customised so they can vary from eight up to 15 minutes

  • Based in Slovakia and available for international performances

UV Stage Show videos

UV Stage Show photos

Take your event to the next level with this UV Stage Show, a visual feast in which LED lighting effects and UV technology are the main players. Our UV light performers make use of different tools such as luminous cyr wheels, ribbons and cubes to create an unforgettable experience for audiences.

Suitable for product launches, corporate events or brand presentation parties, our UV Stage Show can be adapted to your specific requirements. Your brand’s logo or product can be incorporated to the different pre-set acts offered by these UV light performers. Their show can vary and last from 6 up to 20 minutes depending on your preferences and event’s requirements.

A minimum of two LED acrobats is needed for making the most out of this act, although five performers are recommended for 15-minute shows. Their performances can be adapted so additional acrobats could also perform on demand.UV Stage Show can be completely brandable and customised to suit any event. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your brand message across in an original eye-catching way. If this is the type of act you’re looking for but you can’t provide a complete blackout, then look no further.

UV Stage Show can be carried out under not completely dark conditions, which makes it suitable for a wide range of venues and even outdoors performances taking place at night. UV lights and equipment can be supplied if required, meaning only a big enough clean and dry stage with the appropriate lighting needs to be provided for the act to be carried out.

You can also check our Black Light Show if you’re looking for a LED act performed in complete darkness, or Pyro Show and Fireshow for outstanding fire acts.

Leading global specialists when it comes to entertainment, our team of international co-ordinators can provide further details on this act, the ones named above and more.

Contact us today and make your enquiry. 

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