Urban Rollerskating Dancers

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Urban Rollerskating Dancers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • World class freestyle skaters that entertains & inspires the audience

  • Performed in music videos, outdoor festivals, theatre, corporate events

  • As seen on Britain's Got Talent & Let's Dance for Comic Relief 2011 show

  • Performed for high profile clients including T Mobile, BBC, ITV, Movie IT

  • Based in London, UK and available to perform at events Worldwide

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The Urban Rollerskating Dancers is a group of freestyle skaters from London that came together for the sheer enjoyment of jam & street skating.  The passion for this evolved into much more coordinated set pieces and performances to music.  This has led to features in; music videos for various artists, TV appearances, outdoor festivals, theatre and much more.

The specialism’s of the Urban Rollerskating Dancers and their originality is something that can only be understood from watching them glide in motion, and tell their stories in dance and movement, uniquely delivered on skates.

Urban Rollerskating Dancers are four young men in their 20s. They were formed in 2008, and have been performing in roller discos throughout the UK. The groups’ choreographer aims to create a dance style that not only entertains but inspires the audiences and motivates others.

Recently Urban Rollerskating Dancers have entertained the judges on Britain's Got Talent, and have also recently performed at the Let's Dance for Comic Relief 2011 show on BBC.  This exciting opportunity will give them the ability to open their skills and flair to a wider audience and spread their motivational philosophy.

T Mobile
Oakington Manor Primary School
Heston Community Festival
Westfield’s Shopping Centre
Under One Sky Harrow Festival
Kensington Housing Trust
Voux 60 x 60 Dance
London School of Fashion
Ravenor Primary School
Ealing Council
Roller Hockey National Championships
Moonlighting Night Club
Movie IT
Lets Dance Comic Releif
I Blame Coc0 - 'Turn back on Love' music video

"It was a fantastic event and we could not have done this with out you. The Roller skate performance and workshop added a real variety to the day and was perfect for the theme. It would be great to have them come and perform again."

- T Mobile

"It was a pleasure having performances from the Urban Rollerskating Dancers on Sat and Sunday, we hope they enjoyed being part of it. Many thanks for supporting the event."

- London Youth Dance