Underwater Themed Entertainment

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Underwater Themed Entertainment
Reasons to book this Under The Sea Themed Entertainment
  • Wonderfully diverse under the sea acts help create a magical immersive experience

  • Choose from hostesses in incredible costumes, aerialists, bubble artists and more all dressed in stunning costumes

  • Every aspect is tailorable to best suit client needs, scale of event and location to make your under the sea themed event look amazing

  • Underwater roaming characters are brilliant for creating positive interactions with guests

  • Based in Dubai, these water-themed acts are available all over the world

Underwater Themed Entertainment photos

Transport your guests to a mystical world at the bottom of the ocean with our fantastic Underwater Themed Entertainment. Our range of fabulous underwater roaming characters can completely transform your event into a magical immersive experience and create a brilliant atmosphere. 

Combine Acts For A Unique Entertainment Experience

These extremely visually captivating under the sea acts were first curated by our production team for an underwater themed event at Jumeirah Beach Hotel for New Year’s Eve. We have a range of different underwater roaming characters, an amphibian bubble artist and a stunning aerialist. We can also supply more under the sea acts and decor depending on your needs.  

Our Underwater Themed Entertainment currently consists of:

  • Jellyfish Girl - Her costume is made with LED lights throughout and she loves to play "peek-a-boo" with the little ones 
  • Coral Girls - They have Rosa Bloom Sequined bodysuits and extravagant tentacle style headpieces.
  • Coral Queen - Her stunning costume is made entirely of coral and anemones. You can see little Nemo fish swimming within her costume and two bouncing jellyfish which hang from the skirt with LED lights below to illuminate them. The costume is made in a neon glow and can glow in the dark making you feel like you are in an aquarium! 
  • Amphibi-MAN Bubble Artist - In his sea creature costume, the bubble artists creates a range of bubbles, big and small.
  • Underwater Aerialist - Floats elegantly high above the audience in a beautifully choreographed routine. Her costume is done in blue and silver rhinestones with blue fish scale pattern down the side and her silk routines are performed to custom made underwater themed music. 

Create An Unforgettable Themed Event

Under the sea themed events are always popular and we always love getting involved in making the entertainment as eye-catching as possible. This is why we have specifically dedicated a range of under the sea themed acts for these occasions. 

Contact us to book our diverse Underwater Themed Entertainment and we can always help curate multiple acts and decor for your under the sea themed event.