Under the sea Dancing Acrobats

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Under the sea Dancing Acrobats
Reasons to book this dance troupe
  • Specialising in spectacular themed dance shows, this act is inspired by the living world beneath the ocean

  • Featuring beautiful custom designed costumes, our professional human-mermaid characters will entrance your guests

  • Performing full shows or flash mob routines, our troupe provides under the sea theme entertainment for events

  • This dance troupe has provided under the sea themed entertainment for companies like Sky, Mastercard, Honda and Yo! Sushi

  • Book these Under the sea Dancing Acrobats for events in London and internationally

Under the sea Dancing Acrobats videos

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Want to transform your event into an under the sea extravaganza? Using Phosphorescent and UV body art we can bring dancers, acrobats, contortionists and aerialists performing breathtaking choreography to bring your event to life. Ribbon dancers, LED Jellyfish Ballerinas, you name, our dancers can create it!

At Scarlett Entertainment we source the most exciting live acts in the industry to bring your special occasion to life. Helping you along the way, our team of professional entertainment coordinators work closely with clients and artists to ensure that every aspect of their event runs smoothly. One of our most beguiling dance troupes, our Under the sea Dancing Acrobats provide enchanting under the sea theme entertainment for all occasions. Halfway between humans and mermaid characters, these professional dancers will bring a magical aquatic feel to events. 

A completely unique dance troupe, these ocean themed characters are guaranteed to charm guests with their sparkling swimming costumes, body paint, mermaid hair and sequinned faces. Based in London and available to perform internationally, this company specialises in custom designed dance acts. All trained to the highest level, these experienced performers are accustomed to dancing on a competitive level and providing entertainment for a variety of high end events. A totally bespoke dance act, our professional dancers create a mystical atmosphere whenever they perform. 

The versatile mermaid characters can be hired in a variety of lineups to cater to different event sizes and budgets. Performing beautiful routines, our dancers can also customise their choreography to cater to your event requirements. Providing full shows or flash mob under the sea theme entertainment, imagine guests’ surprise when your event suddenly fills with these gorgeous creatures! The perfect dance troupe for any theme with a fantasy or ocean theme, our artists regularly perform at galas, festivals, publicity events and more. Having worked with high end clients like Sky,Yo! Sushi, the BBC and Glastonbury Festival, our experienced performers are renowned for their professionalism and skill.

For more information about hiring our Under the sea Dancing Acrobats for your special occasion, please speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

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