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Bizarre Circus Sideshow
Reasons to book this Circus Sideshow Performer
  • Thrilling and laugh out loud funny circus sideshow performance which will leave guests on the edge of their seats

  • Dangerous freak show performer displays jaw-dropping stunts performed with a comic twist in a fantastic daredevil circus sideshow

  • Freak show circus entertainer is a multiple record holder featured in the Guinness Book Of Records seven times

  • Circus entertainment, sword swallowing, chainsaw juggling, whip cracking and more

  • Stunt circus sideshow performer is based in the UK and is available worldwide

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Step right this way for the unprecedented, the unthinkable and the unusual; this international freak show performer provides the perfect entertainment to make your event stand out from the crowd! 

One of the UK’s favourite circus sideshow acts, he performs a host of dangerous stunts and comedic acts that will leave you spellbound. His enjoyable brand of cheeky humour and charming demeanour coupled with daredevil acts of precision are sure to leave a lasting impression.

This experienced and professional freak show circus entertainer can deliver high quality, high skill and highly entertaining performances suitable for both adults and children. He presents everything in an upbeat and humorous manner, laced with jokes in shows designed to entertain and educate rather than to repulse and disgust. Watch in awe as he risks life and limb with his signature chainsaw juggling routines, enjoy the ancient art of sword swallowing and witness the creepy delight of pierced weight lifting.

Seven times Guinness World Record holder and performer for Red Bull, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Southside Fringe Festival, Glastonbury Festival and more, this freak show performer is a consummate professional. He can customise his act to suit your event needs, whether he’s pitching a product or service, incorporating your logo into a stunt or just providing the WOW factor! 

Having performed in over 25 countries to audiences of over 2000, this daredevil freak show performer is one of a kind and will make your event unforgettable. 

Stunts include:

  • Sword Swallowing
  • Neon Sword Swallow
  • Knife Juggling
  • Chainsaw Juggling
  • Chainsaw Stunts
  • Pierced Weight Lifting
  • Escapology
  • The Human Blockhead
  • Animal Traps
  • Whip Cracking
  • Fire Breathing and Fire Eating

Perfect circus sideshow act for a range of themes including twisted circus theme, Halloween, 1920s, steampunk, carnival and many more! Prepare yourself for one of the most thrilling shows you will ever see, whatever your event he is guaranteed to captivate and impress your guests.

To find out how to book this freak show circus entertainer for your twisted circus themed event, contact our team of entertainment experts today

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
Guinness World Records
Red Bull
The Amir Khan Foundation
Hobgoblin Brewery 
BT British Telecoms
Harley Davidson
The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland
London’s O2 Arena

"He was so good he left me scratching my head in amazement."

Ben Shires, 'Guinness World Records: Officially Amazing' TV Presenter

"One of the strangest, unique and most dangerous performers in the UK"

Paul Walker, BBC Radio

"This was a 'watch through your fingers' act that blew many minds over the weekend"

Tattoo Jam Convention

"It was an absolute pleasure to have him headline our festival. Book him quick, this lad is gonna be busy"

Southside Fringe Festival

"The King of the Sideshow is back, bigger and better than ever. Its the show you can afford to see, but can't afford to miss"

Skin Deep Magazine

"Sword swallowing is crazy, have you never died or anything doing it?"

Joey Essex, TV Personality

"I absolutely love what you do, I love variety."

Stephen Mulhern, TV Presenter